call for help

hi my friends
I have done something. 
Something silly!

Something that I am totally embarrassed about.

so- Jeff and I have entered a contest to win a wedding. This one.

The winner gets a wedding and tons of other cool stuff- but the best part is that the wedding takes place in Portland- which is where we met, had our first date, got engaged, live together...you get the drift! So anyway, we had to enter a video submission, which is here, and tell people in 2 minutes why we want to get married in Portland and about 'us'.  People have a chance to enter the contest up until March 9th and then the judges will pick 3 finalists- BUT the judges are going to take viewer votes into consideration. And then once there are 3 finalists, voting will start up again and the winner will be announced early April. 

So, I was just wondering...will you help me? Will you go to this video every day and vote? (You vote just by giving the video 5 star rating.) Will you send that link to friends and tell them to vote? Will you create some sort of magic wand that will help us win? Er...or something.

If you've been following me for awhile then you know about my relationship with Jeff and I hope you think we are deserving of this! For a contest that is Portland specific- I think we are a pretty great couple to win. During the past 5 years of our relationship, all of our major milestones have happened here in this city. 

The past year, with me being unemployed- it has been so hard for me, for us. But Jeff has supported me and stood by me- encouraged me. He is my best friend, the love of my life, my better half. He has such a big wonderful heart that matches his big wonderful smile and laugh (and as you'll see in the video, he is quite the looker!!).  Financially, I'm just getting on my feet- and a wedding was the farthest thing from our minds- until this contest. 

I'm crossing my fingers.

ps: my friend Adam made the video for us- he is super super talented! 
pps: I look like a big freak in this video. Please note that I do not normally look as freakish as the video portrays me. 


Kiersten said...

I just voted! Good luck - I hope you guys get it!
<3 Kiersten

Anonymous said...

I am voting now and I will post it on my blog and facebook so everyone that I know will vote for you!! :) I hope you get it!

Alivia said...

Voted for you, cousin!