a rant that everyone else has done but this is my blog so I'm doing it too.

Facebook. The book of face. Sometimes I totally see the value: It helps me remember birthdays; it allows me to stay in "contact" with people that I probably normally wouldn't; allows me to stalk former people in my life (we all do it.)

But most of the time I'm all like WTF facebook, you are real sick.

And lately, it is just reaaaaalllllly bugging me. Here are a few things that I just don't understand why people post them on facebook or misc. things that annoy the shiz out of me. Please note, if I like you and you are my friend and you have done any of the below, I'm not talking about you. In fact, if you did any of the below, I probably found it cute or appreciated reading it. Promise!

WTF Facebook

  1. People who use their status to either, a) wish a baby happy birthday b) wish someone who isn't on facebook happy birthday c) wish someone who is deceased to RIP.
I don't get this at all. Babies can't read statuses. People who aren't on facebook can't either. People who are deceased don't read facebook posts to them (well...maybe?) So why even take the time to put this message in your status. No, really. Why? Maybe if someone could explain this to me I wouldn't find it half as annoying when someone writes 500 words in their status wishing their 2 month old baby happy birthday.
2. People who post a picture. Of themselves. In front of a mirror. Either shirtless or making duck face. 

Do I even need to comment on this? No. Didn't think so.

3.  People who give WAY too much detail.

"going to shower, then going to brush my teeth, then maybe I'll take a poo, then getting dressed, then going to the gym, then rubbing anti-fungal cream on my corns!" -- REALLY? really??? Nobody, and seriously, I mean NOBODY cares about what you are doing at every second of every minute of every hour. Get a twitter account if you're that informative.   Also, I don't want to hear about your visit to the doctor and what he/she discovered when they gave you a rectal exam. And I don't want to hear about your birth experience.

4.  The gym braggers.

I admit, I'm totally guilty of sometimes posting either on FB or twitter about my run that day. Or when I was training for the 1/2, how I was dreading running x distance. But, I don't do it every. single. frickin'. day.  Great, good for you. You ran 10 miles, then you went to hot yoga then you ate 3 pieces of celery. I certainly don't give a shit and I bet most of your friends don't either.  Check your feed, if a majority of your posts are about your workout routine, chances are you're annoying everyone. We get it, you're in shape. I feel bad for you as I'm eating my brownie.

5.  The Eeyores.

Ok, so you've had a bad day. It happens. You want a little sympathy from your friends, I get it. But seriously when I start to feel depressed from reading about how your job sucks and your back hurts and you have no friends, no plans, no dates, then you know it is bad. If you start noticing that every time you write something on FB that it is TERRIBLE- call a doctor, or better yet, call a friend or your mom or a hotline....but something is wrong when you are using FB as a therapist.

Whew....that was my rant. Again, if I like you and you're guilty of any of the above (and I probably am guilty also) then no sweat, yours probably didn't annoy me. And YES, I am aware I can de-friend and unsubscribe to certain people's posts...and I have. And I do. But, then what would I have to complain about?

Man, hopefully I get around to my etsy Monday post later and get rid of all this negative ranting :)


Anonymous said...

hah. I HATE Facebook. It's so annoying. I only keep mine so that I can talk to people who I would otherwise not be able to communicate with.

I don't even check for birthdays anymore...which is bad, because I've forgotten a few important ones.

Bailey@Lost&Found said...

omg, AMEN! I was that person a while back that posted about my runs all the time because it literally consumed my life, but I stopped because I realized how annoying it probably was. I'm pretty much over FB too. I sometimes think about deleting it, but it is one way to keep in touch and I'm not quite ready to give up on it yet.

I agree with every single one! Especially the pics taken shirtless in front of the mirror. ew

Emily said...

I had to stop reading this post this afternoon because I was laughing too hard. Too funny!

Nikskie said...

hahaha.don't worry, i barely touch my facebook and i don't tweet. you are so right in point no.2 and no.3. i don't understand why some people are way way way too much in giving detail.