New Year's Eve- Best Ever?

I usually can't stand NYE. It is a hyped up night that most always is a huge disappointment. I have tried everything to make it the most fun night ever- from attending parties, to throwing them, to bar hoping- alas, it just never measures up to the night that I have imagined in my head. 

Not this time!

Even with a cold, even running on little sleep, even though it rained- Best. New Year's Eve. Ever.  We rented a house in Rockport, Maine with our friends Katie and Andrew. NYE was spent eating amazing food that we made (lobster brie dip, pear and walnut salad, filet Mignon with red wine sauce, dark chocolate torte....your mouth watering yet?) and drinking ungodly amounts of champagne and wine. Oh, and we played Cranium. BTW- that game is hilarious.  Ever play? There is one 'challenge' where one teammate hums a song and the other guesses. Jeff just couldn't wrap his mind around this concept.

Andrew: "hummmm MMmmmM MMmmmm"

Jeff: *hums the same thing*

Andrew: "no, dude. hMmmmm Mmmmm MMMMM."

Jeff: *hums the same thing*

Me: "NO, Jeff- you guess the song, you don't hum!"

Andrew: "time is almost out! HmMMmm Mmmmmm MMmm!!!!!"

Jeff: "OK OK! *hums exactly the same thing. Again.*

Everyone: "Aghghghhghghghg!!!"

It was awesome. I definitely got champagne up my nose from laughing so hard.  I know I've finally found the right combo for a perfect NYE- friends, food, games and a great place.  What did everyone else do for NYE?

we may have lost Cranium, but we were by far the most talented.

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Anonymous said...

yay so glad you had a good new year's! I agree that it's usually so hyped up.