my parents are funny.

My dad likes to remind me every once in awhile (i.e. all the time) to study. He also just figured out how to text message. Therefore, this is what I get:

Let it be known that my dad has a flip phone and not an iphone.

Also, last night we went out to dinner with my parents. My mother ordered a margarita. This is what happened when the waitress came over with her drink.

Mom: No, I didn't order a martini I ordered a margarita!
Waitress: Oh that is what this is- just in a drink mixer! (proceeds to shake it up)
Mom: oh! isn't that nice (said in a weird voice)
::waitress proceeds to pour drinking in glass::
Mom: ::as she is pouring grabs her arm and starts shaking it:: Every last drop! Don't be stingy now!

that is when I crawled under the table. Also, it should be noted that the woman who physically shook the waitress to get 'every last drop' drank approximately 1/3 of her drink before passing it to my brother and claiming she felt "silly". 


Alivia said...

No words for how much I love this.

Anonymous said...

lol, parents.

Emily said...

I love your parents! (too funny!)