i love to hate it.

I hate it.

I know, I live in Maine. I've lived in Maine my whole life- went to college in New Hampshire, then came back to Maine. I'm used to it. I should have thick enough skin for it. But, I don't. I can't stand it. Really. I think I've said this before, but I'd much rather have a cold, DRY winter than a cold, wet, slushy, icy, heavy winter. Snow sucks. Yeah yeah yeah, it is pretty at first- esp when it is falling. But, then after a day or two it gets melty, and dirty, and slippery. UGH. 

This year I've been lucky- we have been without snow until JUST yesterday when we got majorly dumped on. Yucky, windy, cold, snowy mess. And now I'm pouting. I've been running outside all along (except on days that it has been below 20...) and now I can't anymore. And i'm bummed. I freakin' hate the gym. Holy do I need an attitude adjustment.

In order to cheer me up (or make me more sad- not sure which way this will go) here are some summery things to look forward to.

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Thanks, Anthropologie. stop putting up your cute summery stuff!!!
STILL obsessed with all things stripped and coral.
love navy + turquoise together.
i really. really. really. REALLY. want this.

only a few more months until we can have bbqs....

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Anonymous said...

haha I love the snow...but yes, it does get old.