gift card separation anxiety

I have a disorder. 

I don't know exactly what to call it, but it exists I swear.
For Christmas, I received several gift cards- two of the best were Anthropologie and Sephora. I was super excited to have these puppies in my grimy little hands since I love love love both places but often (always) cannot justify spending money that I don't have on makeup or clothes that cost more than a weeks worth of groceries. And yet, now that I have these gift cards I am totally and utterly afraid to use them.

My normal mind: ooo that dress is amazing. I should buy it with my gift card!
Evil over-analyzing mind: But what if a week later you see something better? What if the dress looks terrible on you? What if you should wait until you get get into the store in person?
Normal mind: This shirt, those earrings and that necklace are all on sale! I should buy them right now with my gift card!!
Evil Mind: Well, maybe you should wait. What if better sale items come along and you can get even MORE with your git card? Just wait. If you buy you'll regret it.

And so, I'm terrified to buy ANYTHING. Which pretty much makes having a gift card totally pointless. I need to just pull the dang trigger. Anyone else have this problem? Normally I am not even close to a the-grass-is-always-greener type of person. Wtf gift cards, look what you are doing to me.


Emily said...

I used the gift card my brother gave me last Christmas just a few weeks ago. And I only used it because he gave me a gift card to the same store this Christmas. So I'm thinking maybe I have the same issue too? (Unless it's Starbucks, then I can't use them fast enough.)

Anonymous said...

haha this is hilarious...wish I could relate but my problem is I cannot seem to stop buying things.

Taylor said...

this is hilarious because i always find it hard to part with gift cards, especially uber-valuable ones like anthro. :) i totally get it!!

Mel said...

I do the same thing. However, like Emily said, Starbucks gift cards are a different matter. Those go too quickly.

Natasha L'nei said...

I'm the same way. I think more so because I'm so cheap...haha, I like to hold on to them just in case something better comes along. :)