feed your soul a little bit

sometimes when I need to breathe in deeper,
or smile a little more,
or have dreams instead of nightmares,
or listen instead of being heard,
or laugh loudly until my stomach hurts,
or stand up, run, jump, and fly...

I listen to these songs:


Emily said...

Yay! I love your playlists! I made it into a grooveshark playlist. It's almost the same as a burned CD. ;-) yayayay.

Anonymous said...

I was looking for song recommendations :)

Natasha L'nei said...

Thanks for the list, I'm gonna have to check out the ones I haven't heard yet! :D

chelsea said...

hi just stopping in to say i like your blog and i am having a giveaway check out my blog for all the details.

Mel said...

David Gray is one of my go-to-artists when I am feeling overwhelmed. His songs remind me of home, my dad, and nights spent just sitting in my living room in the soft light. <3