Fashion trends that I just don't get.

I like to think that I am not boring when it comes to what I wear. I know I am not the most adventurous- but I mix certain trends in with my standard attire. I consider my 'look' to be edgy preppy or slightly bohemian (summer time) and most times, my look is just straight up whatever is comfortable-- mostly jeans (designer, I am obsessed), cute sweaters, t-shirts and boots. But, like I said I like to try new things. And so I have skinny jeans, bright colored jeans, animal print, neon items....

BUT- there are some trends or styles that I just can't wrap my mind around. And I don't think they are cute at all. On anyone. Well, pretty much anyone. Some of my fashion forward friends can pull anything off (talkin' about you, Liz) and look hot.

via Avenue M
Socks with heels. Um...ok. I get that some ladies want to rock open toe shoes in the colder months but...to me, this looks so NASTY.  Cold toes, then wear fleece lined tights. Socks in heels just looks baggy and messy and like something a drunk grandma would wear. I say it is a HUGE no no for anyone not walking the runway.

via MTV
Onesies. Okay....so the longer version is a little bit better than it's cousin the shorts romper but not by much. It is a ONESIE. I just don't get it. At all. Someone explain to me who this is cute on in real life?

Floral print pants. I've been seeing these bad boys everywhere. Urban, ASOS, even my beloved j crew has fallen to this.  Know what this look reminds me of? The 80's. Saved by the Bell. When my mom used to dress me in these (except they had stirrups) and an off the shoulder sweater with a side pony. Floral pants are a huge no no in my book and ain't nothing going to convince me otherwise.

via Live Love Lush
Now I know that oxfords are big and tons of girls wear them. So, don't hate me if you own them and rock them, but I just think they are totally ugly. Esp with skinny jeans. They belong on little girls in school uniforms. Not adults. Sorry loves.

via forever 21
High waisted denim is hard enough for me to wrap my mind around. But brightly colored, flared AND high waisted? I can't even. I just can't.

via Anthropologie
again with the high waisted. Do I even need to write about why I don't get this look or can your eyes just do my talking. 

Okay, tell let me know. Am I totally off base with my fashion criticisms?


Jacki said...

Those are gawdeffingawful. But I'm wearing yoga pants at work today so ... I'm not sure I'm allowed to vote.

Alivia said...

Yeah...that suit is horrendous.

The Sequined Blazer said...

Ummmmmm, I don't think I have to tell you how much I DISagree with you, Nico. but, you knew I would, right? here's your TSB schooling for the day: First, socks with open-toe shoes, especially tights with open-toe shoes is a great way to wear your beloved platform sandals all year long! Rompers. How can you hate a romper? It's a shirt, it's pants, its one stop dressing! Floral (and any other printed pant for that matter), while difficult to pull off---I'll give you that---are suuuuper cute and a great alternative to the standard black pants at work or a mini out on the town. pair 'em with a cute tank and a fitted blazer for day, and ditch the blazer in favor of a leather bomber at night. boom---a perfect winter outfit. Oxfords are an EXCELLENT alternative to heels, especially in the workplace. They look so cute with a mini and opaque tights at the office, and allow you to rock that mini without looking like the office sloogin. They are also super cute with denim cut-offs and tights on the weekend, say, for Sunday brunch. I'll actually give you the high wasted and FLARED colored jeans, but high wasted and flared regular denim is an amazing casual friday outfit---tuck in an oversized white tee, add a belt and a blazer, some cute booties and you're good to go! I also like high wasted colored skinnies, same outfit as above--maybe even with a pair of (gasp!) oxfords!?

xox looooove you.


Jenny said...

I haaaate open-toed shoes with socks. In fact, I hate open-toed shoes with anything.

The Mrs. said...

I love that you call them onesies! Yes, they're awful. I like the high-waisted stuff, but they only look good from the front...not the back. :)


The Mrs. and The Momma

Anonymous said...

I am not fond of any of these! Especially the high wasted stuff. It makes me feel uncomfortable! Ha! So glad to be your newest follower!

{av} | {long distance loving} said...

holy goodness. I HATE socks with open toed shoes. HATE HATE HATE. I am soooo on that train. I'm also on the oxford shoes. I could never pull them off! This post cracked me up--thank you for the laugh :) have a great night! xoxo {av}