Exciting stuff!!! (and other stuff)

My love for Etsy has blossomed into a relationship!! Yes noodles, it is true!! One of my besties and I opened our own Etsy store.  Right now, we are featuring an earring collection called Counter Clockwise. They are earrings made from vintage clock hands (most are super old!) and we've painted them with 18K gold plated paint. The best part about this collection, in my opinion, is that no two pairs are the same. And, each hand in the pair is different- making them super stylish and unique. This is just the beginning. We have a necklace line coming, bracelets and much much more. SO excited to share this!!! Please please check out The Key and Sparrow!!

The next thing is I've started a button swap- if you're interested in sharing buttons, shoot me an email! Hey, its free so why not, right? 

Let me know what you think of our store!


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Anonymous said...

this is awesome! I'm working on starting an Etsy shop myself :)