Ew Monday. Even though I am unemployed, (still, ridiculously...although, I have a promising job interview this week that I am super excited about!!) Monday's still kinda suck. Seriously. Just because I am unemployed doesn't mean I sit around all day twiddling my thumbs. In order to keep mental clarity- I try to keep a normal schedule-- weekdays are for getting up early and being productive, and the gym, and studying and working my mind. SO- Mondays still kinda suck for me!

However. I will admit, I do look forward to Etsy Monday. and...if we're being honest here, all the TERRIBLE tv that I indulge in on Monday nights. Now, judge all you want, but at LEAST I admit it is terrible. I know that. So- when I watch The Bachelor, or Pretty Little Liars, or the Lying Game or Gossip Girl (my DVR gets a real workout on Mondays...) I fully understand that it aint quality television but I sure as hell am entertained!!!

Ok...enough embarrassing facts about me. Jeff's birthday is in a few weeks (Feb 11th!) so I've been searching Etsy for cool, male appropriate gifts.

Jeff is king of the kitchen. By king I mean he takes over and wants to do everything.
custom dry rub spice kit- this maybe the winner right here.
Ok, I would never ever buy these...but HILARIOUS-Suitjamas. Reminds me of Barney Stinson.
He does love Capo...
old and new shave kit


debbiecutieface.com said...

those are totally my TV shows. Who says they aren't quality television? ;)

two birds said...

that dry rub kit is a great gift! i also love the shaving kit and those mugs are absolutely hilarious! good luck and happy birthday to him!!