Mondays come too quickly. I could make that into a real dirty joke, but if you're anything like me- your mind already went there.

I woke up annoyed today- not sure why- maybe it had something to do with what I was dreaming about, but I don't remember. I have tons of laundry to do and I don't want to. And my blog design is really annoying me and I'm too lazy to fix it (aka don't really know how). I want a clean simple clutter free blog design and no matter how hard I try to get there, I feel like I make it worse. I want to button share and all that- because I love new people reading my blog or finding new blogs through buttons- but I don't like the cluttery look. (spell check is telling me that cluttery is not a word, I am ignoring that). 

Ew. I'm watching the local news and the news ladies are so terrible. They fumble words and then laugh. and can't read their prompters. How are they employed???

Okay jeez, I need to stop.  How about something happy? How about some ETSY? How about you check out the new (old? they are vintage...) necklaces on the Key + Sparrow! 

guys, I know I am biased, but these are neat! Each key is different and old and has a pop of color from the paint we dipped the tops in. I actually kept one for myself because I like it so much.
I know the mustache thing is getting overdone, but I like this. A lot.
Hi, I'm a geek. This is a harry potter time turner necklace. and it is AWESOME.
Yes. Goldendoodle Art!
want this.
made in Maine, which makes them even cooler

I swear next Monday I'll be a happy kiddo!

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Anonymous said...

the first paragraph in this post is just classic.