2012, get ready

Yeah, I could make my resolutions all about losing weight or cutting out fried food or going to the gym every single day- but this year, I'm going to be realistic. 

I'm going to be nicer to me. I'm not going to look in the mirror and automatically start going through the flaws that I see. That aint nice! I'm going to try to be kind! Be healthy. Lately we have been eating clean and simple- organic, unprocessed, raw veggies, natural sugars, etc. It has been great and I plan on continuing that road.

This year I'm going to be better at staying in touch with friends that aren't right outside my doorstep. Make time for phone calls or emails or skype dates- friends are so incredibly important to me and I really want them to know this.

Right off the bat, Elizabeth and I are going to start our own Etsy store. It IS going to happen, it IS going to be awesome and I will share it soon!

In 2012 I will tap into my creative side and finish the ridiculous list of DIY projects that I have manged to compile. It is such a great way to de-stress and step away from the computer screen. Good for the soul. 

Make sure I stick to this list, okay?


Anonymous said...

those are great resolutions that I should stick to myself...I've also been meaning to start that darn Etsy store...it WILL happen! :)

Alivia said...

Love these resolutions, and I love this post.

Jacki said...

These are awesome resolutions and you can definitely do it. Staying in touch with friends is one of mine too. Realistic goals are so much more encouraging and exciting than crazy unrealistic ones!

Emily said...

love love love