Fashion trends that I just don't get.

I like to think that I am not boring when it comes to what I wear. I know I am not the most adventurous- but I mix certain trends in with my standard attire. I consider my 'look' to be edgy preppy or slightly bohemian (summer time) and most times, my look is just straight up whatever is comfortable-- mostly jeans (designer, I am obsessed), cute sweaters, t-shirts and boots. But, like I said I like to try new things. And so I have skinny jeans, bright colored jeans, animal print, neon items....

BUT- there are some trends or styles that I just can't wrap my mind around. And I don't think they are cute at all. On anyone. Well, pretty much anyone. Some of my fashion forward friends can pull anything off (talkin' about you, Liz) and look hot.

via Avenue M
Socks with heels. Um...ok. I get that some ladies want to rock open toe shoes in the colder months but...to me, this looks so NASTY.  Cold toes, then wear fleece lined tights. Socks in heels just looks baggy and messy and like something a drunk grandma would wear. I say it is a HUGE no no for anyone not walking the runway.

via MTV
Onesies. Okay....so the longer version is a little bit better than it's cousin the shorts romper but not by much. It is a ONESIE. I just don't get it. At all. Someone explain to me who this is cute on in real life?

Floral print pants. I've been seeing these bad boys everywhere. Urban, ASOS, even my beloved j crew has fallen to this.  Know what this look reminds me of? The 80's. Saved by the Bell. When my mom used to dress me in these (except they had stirrups) and an off the shoulder sweater with a side pony. Floral pants are a huge no no in my book and ain't nothing going to convince me otherwise.

via Live Love Lush
Now I know that oxfords are big and tons of girls wear them. So, don't hate me if you own them and rock them, but I just think they are totally ugly. Esp with skinny jeans. They belong on little girls in school uniforms. Not adults. Sorry loves.

via forever 21
High waisted denim is hard enough for me to wrap my mind around. But brightly colored, flared AND high waisted? I can't even. I just can't.

via Anthropologie
again with the high waisted. Do I even need to write about why I don't get this look or can your eyes just do my talking. 

Okay, tell let me know. Am I totally off base with my fashion criticisms?



Mondays come too quickly. I could make that into a real dirty joke, but if you're anything like me- your mind already went there.

I woke up annoyed today- not sure why- maybe it had something to do with what I was dreaming about, but I don't remember. I have tons of laundry to do and I don't want to. And my blog design is really annoying me and I'm too lazy to fix it (aka don't really know how). I want a clean simple clutter free blog design and no matter how hard I try to get there, I feel like I make it worse. I want to button share and all that- because I love new people reading my blog or finding new blogs through buttons- but I don't like the cluttery look. (spell check is telling me that cluttery is not a word, I am ignoring that). 

Ew. I'm watching the local news and the news ladies are so terrible. They fumble words and then laugh. and can't read their prompters. How are they employed???

Okay jeez, I need to stop.  How about something happy? How about some ETSY? How about you check out the new (old? they are vintage...) necklaces on the Key + Sparrow! 

guys, I know I am biased, but these are neat! Each key is different and old and has a pop of color from the paint we dipped the tops in. I actually kept one for myself because I like it so much.
I know the mustache thing is getting overdone, but I like this. A lot.
Hi, I'm a geek. This is a harry potter time turner necklace. and it is AWESOME.
Yes. Goldendoodle Art!
want this.
made in Maine, which makes them even cooler

I swear next Monday I'll be a happy kiddo!


january rain

it isn't "cold" today (40 degrees) but it is dark. and rainy. 
I made a lousy batch of coffee because I lost count of my scoops.
I dropped a pint of blueberries on the floor and watched them try to escape around the kitchen. Watched Cali's pure joy as she scrambled to get the blueberries with her tongue before I could pick them all up.
I ignored my alarm at 6:30 am. Again at 7. Again at 7:30. 
I am late. and lazy. and a severe procrastinator.
I had dreams filled with spiders and lightning and being stuck under a pile of sand.
the floor is wet from wet dog paws and I'm having a hard time ignoring that.
i can't tell my mind to let things go that I can't control.
i can't tell my mind to stop worrying about the dust bunnies under the heater and focus on my books instead.
or to stop worrying about the spare bedroom filled with half finished furniture.
i want orange juice and we don't have any.
my cat threw up on the carpet in the bathroom. again.
my student loans loom. and are huge. and the bills on my counter scare me.
i woke up feeling helpless and broke and scared.

But, I woke up.
I have blueberries to drop.
A coffee pot.
A roof to listen to the rain pound on.
A dog. a cat.
A bed.
a spare bedroom.
some days may start like this, but i'm lucky. no matter what.


these videos just slay me.

There is one of these videos for every possible person, city, hobby- and yet I still think they are freakin' hilarious. The original Shit Girls Say is still my favorite, but this video is a close second. Definitely.



Ew Monday. Even though I am unemployed, (still, ridiculously...although, I have a promising job interview this week that I am super excited about!!) Monday's still kinda suck. Seriously. Just because I am unemployed doesn't mean I sit around all day twiddling my thumbs. In order to keep mental clarity- I try to keep a normal schedule-- weekdays are for getting up early and being productive, and the gym, and studying and working my mind. SO- Mondays still kinda suck for me!

However. I will admit, I do look forward to Etsy Monday. and...if we're being honest here, all the TERRIBLE tv that I indulge in on Monday nights. Now, judge all you want, but at LEAST I admit it is terrible. I know that. So- when I watch The Bachelor, or Pretty Little Liars, or the Lying Game or Gossip Girl (my DVR gets a real workout on Mondays...) I fully understand that it aint quality television but I sure as hell am entertained!!!

Ok...enough embarrassing facts about me. Jeff's birthday is in a few weeks (Feb 11th!) so I've been searching Etsy for cool, male appropriate gifts.

Jeff is king of the kitchen. By king I mean he takes over and wants to do everything.
custom dry rub spice kit- this maybe the winner right here.
Ok, I would never ever buy these...but HILARIOUS-Suitjamas. Reminds me of Barney Stinson.
He does love Capo...
old and new shave kit


my parents are funny.

My dad likes to remind me every once in awhile (i.e. all the time) to study. He also just figured out how to text message. Therefore, this is what I get:

Let it be known that my dad has a flip phone and not an iphone.

Also, last night we went out to dinner with my parents. My mother ordered a margarita. This is what happened when the waitress came over with her drink.

Mom: No, I didn't order a martini I ordered a margarita!
Waitress: Oh that is what this is- just in a drink mixer! (proceeds to shake it up)
Mom: oh! isn't that nice (said in a weird voice)
::waitress proceeds to pour drinking in glass::
Mom: ::as she is pouring grabs her arm and starts shaking it:: Every last drop! Don't be stingy now!

that is when I crawled under the table. Also, it should be noted that the woman who physically shook the waitress to get 'every last drop' drank approximately 1/3 of her drink before passing it to my brother and claiming she felt "silly". 


feed your soul a little bit

sometimes when I need to breathe in deeper,
or smile a little more,
or have dreams instead of nightmares,
or listen instead of being heard,
or laugh loudly until my stomach hurts,
or stand up, run, jump, and fly...

I listen to these songs:


Winter hates me and everyone knows it.

I know I complain about winter a lot.
It definitely is a reoccurring theme lately.

Just to give you a little more insight as to why.

In the past 3 days I have slipped on ice and fallen 3 times. THREE. I sprained my knee. I have more bruises than a 5 day old banana. I now walk like an 89 year old.
Someone please send me to someplace warm. Please?!


Etsy Monday + some color

Winter blahs- I know via reading other blogs I'm not the only one that has them. 

And one way that I've found (take note, Liv! this is my way!) that helps with my gray moods is lots and lots and LOTS of color. So...you could either go jump into a house of balls or shop on Etsy for some fun brights for your house, body and soul! and I can't do an Etsy Monday post without a little self-promotion...have you checked out The Key and Sparrow yet??? I know I'm biased since I helped make these earrings- but they are SERIOUSLY cool. Also have some vintage pieces and the deer antler jewelry holders- plus way more coming this week. So go have a look, let me know what you think, and hey, if you're feeling brave- try a pair out!

Ok, 'nuff of that.

Chevron + a deer print? I'm sold. And need these for the hallway.
fun bright throw pillows
bright teal leather cuff- so fun.
bright frames
funny little bowls for the kitchen
sunny and soft throw


gift card separation anxiety

I have a disorder. 

I don't know exactly what to call it, but it exists I swear.
For Christmas, I received several gift cards- two of the best were Anthropologie and Sephora. I was super excited to have these puppies in my grimy little hands since I love love love both places but often (always) cannot justify spending money that I don't have on makeup or clothes that cost more than a weeks worth of groceries. And yet, now that I have these gift cards I am totally and utterly afraid to use them.

My normal mind: ooo that dress is amazing. I should buy it with my gift card!
Evil over-analyzing mind: But what if a week later you see something better? What if the dress looks terrible on you? What if you should wait until you get get into the store in person?
Normal mind: This shirt, those earrings and that necklace are all on sale! I should buy them right now with my gift card!!
Evil Mind: Well, maybe you should wait. What if better sale items come along and you can get even MORE with your git card? Just wait. If you buy you'll regret it.

And so, I'm terrified to buy ANYTHING. Which pretty much makes having a gift card totally pointless. I need to just pull the dang trigger. Anyone else have this problem? Normally I am not even close to a the-grass-is-always-greener type of person. Wtf gift cards, look what you are doing to me.


i love to hate it.

I hate it.

I know, I live in Maine. I've lived in Maine my whole life- went to college in New Hampshire, then came back to Maine. I'm used to it. I should have thick enough skin for it. But, I don't. I can't stand it. Really. I think I've said this before, but I'd much rather have a cold, DRY winter than a cold, wet, slushy, icy, heavy winter. Snow sucks. Yeah yeah yeah, it is pretty at first- esp when it is falling. But, then after a day or two it gets melty, and dirty, and slippery. UGH. 

This year I've been lucky- we have been without snow until JUST yesterday when we got majorly dumped on. Yucky, windy, cold, snowy mess. And now I'm pouting. I've been running outside all along (except on days that it has been below 20...) and now I can't anymore. And i'm bummed. I freakin' hate the gym. Holy do I need an attitude adjustment.

In order to cheer me up (or make me more sad- not sure which way this will go) here are some summery things to look forward to.

*click on images for direct links*
Thanks, Anthropologie. stop putting up your cute summery stuff!!!
STILL obsessed with all things stripped and coral.
love navy + turquoise together.
i really. really. really. REALLY. want this.

only a few more months until we can have bbqs....


Exciting stuff!!! (and other stuff)

My love for Etsy has blossomed into a relationship!! Yes noodles, it is true!! One of my besties and I opened our own Etsy store.  Right now, we are featuring an earring collection called Counter Clockwise. They are earrings made from vintage clock hands (most are super old!) and we've painted them with 18K gold plated paint. The best part about this collection, in my opinion, is that no two pairs are the same. And, each hand in the pair is different- making them super stylish and unique. This is just the beginning. We have a necklace line coming, bracelets and much much more. SO excited to share this!!! Please please check out The Key and Sparrow!!

The next thing is I've started a button swap- if you're interested in sharing buttons, shoot me an email! Hey, its free so why not, right? 

Let me know what you think of our store!



Etsy Monday (Yeah yeah I know it is Tuesday...)

For someone without a full time job I sure have been busy lately. Hence lack of Etsy Mondays. But hopefully now that I have my new trusty 2012 planner (aka dork maker) I'll be more organized and more etsy-fied! Especially now that I'm wedding planning- or trying to. Without further ado...


Personalized birch bark bouquet holder
Save the Dates!

guest book puzzle!
perfect for the mason jar centerpieces


a rant that everyone else has done but this is my blog so I'm doing it too.

Facebook. The book of face. Sometimes I totally see the value: It helps me remember birthdays; it allows me to stay in "contact" with people that I probably normally wouldn't; allows me to stalk former people in my life (we all do it.)

But most of the time I'm all like WTF facebook, you are real sick.

And lately, it is just reaaaaalllllly bugging me. Here are a few things that I just don't understand why people post them on facebook or misc. things that annoy the shiz out of me. Please note, if I like you and you are my friend and you have done any of the below, I'm not talking about you. In fact, if you did any of the below, I probably found it cute or appreciated reading it. Promise!

WTF Facebook

  1. People who use their status to either, a) wish a baby happy birthday b) wish someone who isn't on facebook happy birthday c) wish someone who is deceased to RIP.
I don't get this at all. Babies can't read statuses. People who aren't on facebook can't either. People who are deceased don't read facebook posts to them (well...maybe?) So why even take the time to put this message in your status. No, really. Why? Maybe if someone could explain this to me I wouldn't find it half as annoying when someone writes 500 words in their status wishing their 2 month old baby happy birthday.
2. People who post a picture. Of themselves. In front of a mirror. Either shirtless or making duck face. 

Do I even need to comment on this? No. Didn't think so.

3.  People who give WAY too much detail.

"going to shower, then going to brush my teeth, then maybe I'll take a poo, then getting dressed, then going to the gym, then rubbing anti-fungal cream on my corns!" -- REALLY? really??? Nobody, and seriously, I mean NOBODY cares about what you are doing at every second of every minute of every hour. Get a twitter account if you're that informative.   Also, I don't want to hear about your visit to the doctor and what he/she discovered when they gave you a rectal exam. And I don't want to hear about your birth experience.

4.  The gym braggers.

I admit, I'm totally guilty of sometimes posting either on FB or twitter about my run that day. Or when I was training for the 1/2, how I was dreading running x distance. But, I don't do it every. single. frickin'. day.  Great, good for you. You ran 10 miles, then you went to hot yoga then you ate 3 pieces of celery. I certainly don't give a shit and I bet most of your friends don't either.  Check your feed, if a majority of your posts are about your workout routine, chances are you're annoying everyone. We get it, you're in shape. I feel bad for you as I'm eating my brownie.

5.  The Eeyores.

Ok, so you've had a bad day. It happens. You want a little sympathy from your friends, I get it. But seriously when I start to feel depressed from reading about how your job sucks and your back hurts and you have no friends, no plans, no dates, then you know it is bad. If you start noticing that every time you write something on FB that it is TERRIBLE- call a doctor, or better yet, call a friend or your mom or a hotline....but something is wrong when you are using FB as a therapist.

Whew....that was my rant. Again, if I like you and you're guilty of any of the above (and I probably am guilty also) then no sweat, yours probably didn't annoy me. And YES, I am aware I can de-friend and unsubscribe to certain people's posts...and I have. And I do. But, then what would I have to complain about?

Man, hopefully I get around to my etsy Monday post later and get rid of all this negative ranting :)



New Year's Eve- Best Ever?

I usually can't stand NYE. It is a hyped up night that most always is a huge disappointment. I have tried everything to make it the most fun night ever- from attending parties, to throwing them, to bar hoping- alas, it just never measures up to the night that I have imagined in my head. 

Not this time!

Even with a cold, even running on little sleep, even though it rained- Best. New Year's Eve. Ever.  We rented a house in Rockport, Maine with our friends Katie and Andrew. NYE was spent eating amazing food that we made (lobster brie dip, pear and walnut salad, filet Mignon with red wine sauce, dark chocolate torte....your mouth watering yet?) and drinking ungodly amounts of champagne and wine. Oh, and we played Cranium. BTW- that game is hilarious.  Ever play? There is one 'challenge' where one teammate hums a song and the other guesses. Jeff just couldn't wrap his mind around this concept.

Andrew: "hummmm MMmmmM MMmmmm"

Jeff: *hums the same thing*

Andrew: "no, dude. hMmmmm Mmmmm MMMMM."

Jeff: *hums the same thing*

Me: "NO, Jeff- you guess the song, you don't hum!"

Andrew: "time is almost out! HmMMmm Mmmmmm MMmm!!!!!"

Jeff: "OK OK! *hums exactly the same thing. Again.*

Everyone: "Aghghghhghghghg!!!"

It was awesome. I definitely got champagne up my nose from laughing so hard.  I know I've finally found the right combo for a perfect NYE- friends, food, games and a great place.  What did everyone else do for NYE?

we may have lost Cranium, but we were by far the most talented.


2012, get ready

Yeah, I could make my resolutions all about losing weight or cutting out fried food or going to the gym every single day- but this year, I'm going to be realistic. 

I'm going to be nicer to me. I'm not going to look in the mirror and automatically start going through the flaws that I see. That aint nice! I'm going to try to be kind! Be healthy. Lately we have been eating clean and simple- organic, unprocessed, raw veggies, natural sugars, etc. It has been great and I plan on continuing that road.

This year I'm going to be better at staying in touch with friends that aren't right outside my doorstep. Make time for phone calls or emails or skype dates- friends are so incredibly important to me and I really want them to know this.

Right off the bat, Elizabeth and I are going to start our own Etsy store. It IS going to happen, it IS going to be awesome and I will share it soon!

In 2012 I will tap into my creative side and finish the ridiculous list of DIY projects that I have manged to compile. It is such a great way to de-stress and step away from the computer screen. Good for the soul. 

Make sure I stick to this list, okay?


what i wore: Christmas 2011

I feel like I've been gone for-ev-er and I actually missed blogging (good sign, yes?).  As I said in my post a few days ago, the holidays were wonderful-- but I'm looking forward to a few months of calm, cleanse and fresh starts. I think if I'm brave enough, I'll share my new years resies with you- that way y'all can hold me accountable when I slack.

Moving on, my lovely cousin took photos of my outfit on Christmas so I could share my mix of sparkle and subtle in an outfit post. I love a good excuse to dress up- and was super excited to wear my new wedge booties and sequined skirt! Booties were surprisingly comfortable and was able to wear them all day without complaints. Huge plus in a pair of shoes if you ask me!

black wedge boots- Chinese Laundry

skirt, Forever 21; tights, Hue.

sweater, American Eagle.

necklace, Forever 21.