so long, 2011!!

I can't believe 2011 is almost over. This year has flown by. It has been a year of firsts, a year of struggle, a year of babies and pregnancies and laughter. It was a year that was better than expected and harder than expected.  

I was unemployed this year and I failed this year. But, I also SURVIVED this year. Survived unemployed, survived failure. I rediscovered this blog and have made some wonderful friends because of it. This past year, old friends came back into my life and became such an important part of life, helping me through the hardest parts of this past year.  New friends were made. Book clubs were formed! Creativity was tapped into and I completed some unreal DIY projects! My life "plan" was reevaluated this year and I discovered that it is okay to go down a different road than I thought I would. 

I got an iphone this past year. I won an ipad this past year. Basically, the majority of 2011 was Apple related. Hey, I'm ok with that- if you know me you know my love for apple runs deep.

I ran a half marathon in 2011 and rocked it. And fell in love with running all over again. I ran in a 5k for Maine's Tri for a Cure and raised over $2000 for the cause-- in memory of Jeff's mother, Jane, who passed away in 2010. 

2011 was also about learning to live with that hole in our lives- that huge gap in Jeff's life. It was about readjusting to holidays without her, and knowing when he needed to talk about her or share a memory. In 2011 we watched his childhood house change and shift without a female presence in the house. But, in 2011 we also learned how to cook a turkey all by ourselves and put on an entire Thanksgiving meal for his family. We learned how to miss someone but also remember and be happy.

and, AND in 2011, last week, Jeff proposed. In the sweetest, most incredible way possible he asked me to marry him and duh, I said yes. He has been my best friend, my rock, my source of laughter (have you heard this guy laugh, it is contagious!) for the past 5 year. I've never been more sure of anything in my entire life. ps, the ring is gorgeous and simple and classy- exactly what I wanted- and he had it made just for me! 

So- as hard and strange and weird as 2011 was, I wouldn't trade it in for anything. I'm ready for whatever 2012 will bring and pretty excited about a fresh new year. 

Now I just need a great resolution. Ideas? What are yours?



Nikskie said...

i feel like 2010 is yesterday and now we're getting to 2012 within 2 days.crazy! i haven't thought about my resolution, but as you bring the subject, one of it is gonna no more being a procrastinator. hard hard hard. :P

Alivia said...

To travel more and more and more and more.
And to write more letters.
Basically, 2012=more.
Love you so, so much.

Jussie De Guida said...

Evaluating the past year can be a really weird thing right? To see how much has changed, and all of the ups and downs. It seems like your 2011 ended just right, and a great way to start off 2012. PS outfit posts are fun BUT I'm not a fashion blogger and I don't want to be judged! Sounds a bit cowardly, but maybe I should be more open to the idea!