Nobody told Santa to stop buying presents....

First off, I'm a huge slacker and have yet to finish editing the post about the deer antler necklace holder. I will get to that- I swear- as well as share some of the other DIY projects I have been throwing myself into. Some of them have turned out better than I expected- while others...let's just say they have turned up in the dumpster. 

Second- I went to the mall yesterday. I know. Who goes to the mall the week before Christmas? It was insane. I could hardly find a parking spot, could hardly walk from store to store and was wearing a winter jacket and sweat my b's off b/c it was so hot/crowded in there. Honestly, I cannot stand crowds. They make me really...not happy. I don't like pushing or being pushed, or having the back of my shoe stepped on, or wanting to look at a certain item but not being able to because I can't get to it...drives me crazy.  But, being about a week before Christmas and having presents for only 2 of the 8 people I need to buy for, I succumbed to the pressure of the mall.

I know I said I wanted get all locally made or handmade gifts for people this year- and some of them I did (thanks, Etsy) but some gifts can only be found at the joyous mall. Maine's Dinearound book, for example. Oh AND the other night I participated in Merry Madness- so that counts. I got Alivia's gift that night. And drank 3 glasses of wine. It. Was. Awesome.

Back to the point of this post (are you guys sick of my rambling yet?)- I had an incredibly successful shopping trip yesterday. I knocked out gifts for my dad, mom, Jeff's brother, Jeff's sister-in-law, my sister, my brother + sister-in-law, and part of Jeff's present. I was ecstatic! I shared my excitement with Jeff, thinking he would be equally joyous since I just saved him the pain and suffering of shopping for all of these people and instead, I got this: "You shouldn't be buying anyone anything."

(via: Jenna Marbles. i just had to. I love her.)
Wha? It is CHRISTMAS. I get that I am not gainfully employed (yet. I had an interview last week that went pretty well, cross fingers) and I get that I should save all the monies I have...but my absolute favorite part of Christmas is GIVING people gifts. I love thinking of something creative and meaningful to give people. I love the looks on people's faces as they open their gift. I LOVE IT ALL, don't take that away from me! Besides, I've been squirreling away my babysitting money (yes, I am a 13 yr old girl) for this very occasion! And, I'm not dumb- I'm not spending tons of money, just getting small meaningful gifts. 

I tried to explain this to him and was still met with his goofball arguments- but by the end of the conversation I think I won. Of course, that is if winning means me covering my ears with my hands and yelling I don't want to talk about it any more and it is too late b/c I already bought people things and I can't (i.e. won't) return anything. As a punishment to Jeff for ruining my Christmas mood, I proceeding to sing instead of speak for the rest of the evening to the tune of "we wish you a merry Christmas". I just love the figgy pudding line so randomly inserted that line. For example, when I wanted another glass of wine, "Please bring me a glass of wine Jeff, Please bring me a glass of wine Jeff, please BRING me a glass of wine Jeff, just bring it right here.  I'll beat you with figgy pudding, i'll beat you with figgy pudding, i'll beat you with figgy pudding, if i don't get wine!"

Hey, he deserved it.


Anonymous said...

I HATE the mall right before Christmas or during Black Friday. Ugh. But I agree that the best part of the holidays is giving!

Tamara Nicole said...

Yeah . . . I do my shopping online and try to avoid shopping, except we had to hit up target today, wasn't too bad though:-)