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So last night I was perusing through one of my new favorite blogs, Running On Happiness, and stumbled upon a post she did called Who I am. I love the concept, so thought I'd do my own- you know, just for funsies.
 Who I Am...

I am...almost 30 years old. GASP.
I want...a job I love.
I have...to pee
I wish...I had a magic button that would take away pain from people I love
I hate...ignorance
I fear...lightning. and pretty much dying in general.
I hear...my dog snoring.
I search...for houses online- so fun.
I wonder...why life needs to be so dang complicated sometimes.
I regret...eating that 3rd lemon cookie just now.
I love...Jeff. My friends. My family. Wine. what? I do.
I ache...for a chance to be great.
I always...have a glass of water near my bed but usually never drink it.
I usually...have 2 cups of coffee a day.
I am not...going to to let life just happen.
I dance...at weddings. with my dog. all the time, really.
I sing...loud and proud.
I never...have traveled across the Atlantic Ocean.
I sometimes...high 5 strangers.
I cry...whenever a song/musician gets it right.
I am not always...right.
I lose...my sunglasses, always.
I am confused...by math. any kind.
I need...to believe in myself more.
I should...start writing. start trying. start living.

Who Are You?


Megan said...

I love this! And kind of want to copy it.

Lost&Found said...

I say this post too, and am planning on filling out out in the next couple days!

i'm with ya on, "I want", "I search", "I wonder", and "I always"!

Thankd for sharing :)

Emily said...

I love who you are. And I love your new header (simply adore!). XO