getting in the spirit of things

There is no snow on the ground*, November flew by and I cannot quite grasp that it is already December. The warm weather has made it feel like a balmy fall and not even close to winter wonderland. Needless to say, I haven't been able to get into the "holiday spirit" so far. I change the station when Christmas music comes on, I was sort of "eh" on getting a tree and haven't even made a single Christmasy treat! 

Little by little, that is changing. We went and cut down our tree this weekend, decorated it yesterday and I knew I had a major break through when I purposely put on "All I want for Christmas" -Mariah Carey version- and rocked out.

Tonight, I actually want to watch a Christmas movie!! I love feeling the Grinch melt away as I fully start to embrace the season.  

What puts you in the Holiday mood??? How do you know when you are finally there?

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Lost&Found said...

I'm definitely not in the holiday spirit this year either. Probably because the fiance will be gone the next two months. The thought of trees, cookies and christmas music is just depressing... Next year, will be different! Happy to hear your getting in the holiday spirit! And your tree looks beautiful!