• My dog throwing up the other day- massive pile of puke. Me trying to clean it up, failing miserably and throwing up myself. Yeah- then imagine cleaning up dog + human puke. It was real sick.
  • Getting so bored while babysitting, I create epic stories of heroism with the kids toys:
  •  Jeff and I debating for 20 minutes whether to get fresh or cooked shrimp at the fish market- mostly awkward because there was a line of people behind us.
  • Hangover 2. Just was completely awkward. 
  • Shutting my hair in the car door. Freakin' ow. 
  • Trying on a ring at some fancy schmancy store in the Oldport and getting it stuck on my finger. 
  • Slipping in my socks on the hardwood floor, falling and getting a bruise on my chin. 
  • The look on my Mom's face when we gave her an iPad for her birthday
  • Finally getting in the holiday spirit
  • Singing Christmas songs to Jeff at 7am to wake him up. He loves it!
  • Finishing our DIY cat litter box holder out of an old cabinet- as inspired by this! Looks great!
  • Re-teaching myself how to knit
  • Seeing my whole family in a little over a week, I can't wait. They are awesome.
  • The nice man at Trader Joe's giving me a 10 minute speech on red wine and romance
  • People from Jeff's work giving us holiday candy/cookies/popcorns-- I guess this is also kind of awkward, since I have to run extra miles because of all these treats
  • Solidifying our NYE plans in Camden/Rockport

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Anonymous said...

the first thing I saw when I came over here was the link to Etsy Mondays. Which means I already love your blog.

thanks for commenting on mine!