Anthropologie should apologize to me.

I have a love/hate relationship with Anthropolgie. Love, because I love everything in the store and on the website. Hate, because it is freakin' expensive. Seriously, I usually just cross my fingers that the item I'm lusting over will soon be on sale or that I'll win one million dollars.  Now, only one of those things usually happens and even then I have not enough monies to buy said item. Therefore, they should apologize to me for making me sad and making me want so many things.

We are getting our Christmas tree this weekend and Anthro has SO MANY adorable ornaments. I really really cannot justify buying any of these, but if I did happen to stumble upon a briefcase filled with a million dollars, these are the ornaments/decorations I'd buy.

Now, if you'd excuse me...I'm off to go hunt for random briefcases filled with monies.

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