Web MD is a real jerk.

So when I went running earlier I noticed that I had a huge pain in my side- not the normal runners side cramp (or so my severely hypochondriac mind decided). Upon my return home, I promptly grabbed my computer and went to good ol' Web MD. You know that site, right? Where you can type in your symptoms and the body parts and then it tells you what is wrong with you.

Know what Web MD told me after I typed in shooting pains in lower right side area?

Check your prostate.

Excuse me? My prostate? Know what my reaction was? I wish I could say I calmly realized that I accidentally checked off male instead of female but no. Instead I panicked and texted Emily.

See what you are doing to me Web MD?  You are actually making me send text messages to my friends wondering why a website thinks I have a prostate. Not cool.

Maybe I didn't drink enough coffee today.


Nikskie said...

oh god,,
i've never tried Web MD in my life.think it's so tricky...
hope you're okay (with the cramp, i mean)

Alivia said...