Outfit post? Can I do these?

Holy poo balls I'm tired. Last night, after an eventful evening of bowling and family feud (Wii style!) with friends, we came home and I promptly fell asleep on the couch. I had 3 adult beverages and apparently, that was just the right amount to knock me out cold-- I am not one to sleep on a couch when I have a nice cozy bed just steps away. Those 3 beers made me pay and now I have a redic stiff neck and burning eyeballs. 

Anyone else get burning eyeballs when they are tired? Worst feeling!!

Anyway, here is what I wore:

Shirt, H&M; Jeans, J Brand; Shoes, Urban Outfitters; jewelery, F21.
Now, bear with me. This is my first "what I wore" post- and maybe? i'll do more but let me know what you think. All I know is that I personally like it when bloggers show pictures of their cute outfits, so I'm trying it out!

Maybe I should also post what I'm wearing at the moment? Nah, nobody wants to see my sweatpants tuxedo.


Alivia said...


my gawd.

Please do more outfit posts! With more photos, please!

Emily said...

YES. Not only can you do these, you can ROCK these. Yay! Love seeing what you are wearing and your pretty face! (And miss miss miss miss watching you get ready!)