Holiday Gift Ideas

I am not one of those people who finishes or even STARTS their Christmas shopping in September. I am, however, that person who scrambles in those 5 days before Christmas. Or even Christmas Eve. So sue me. Or don't, I couldn't afford to lose.

Anyway, some years- most years- I have NO freakin' clue what to get for people. I would love to get meaningful original gifts every single year, but that is pretty much impossible. This year, I am trying to think a little in advance and thought maybe I'd help y'all out by giving you some ideas for your loved ones. Today's post features Mom gifts! Have at it, folks.

  1. Ipod shuffle $49
  2. Kindle, $79
  3. Brown marble wine coolor, $24
  4. Family infinity necklace $110
  5. Flare dark wash jeans $100

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