for the man in your life- be him bro or beau!

Ok, it is hard shopping for guys. I have a brother AND a boyfriend, and I always get stuck year after year. One year I got Jeff an Xbox, then one year some new golf shoes, an ipod...Girl is RUNNING OUT of ideas! And for my brother? I just usually try to get him something ridiculous and funny. Mustache pint glasses did the trick last year (since he can't grow one hahaha). So, here are a few ideas-- please note, I cannot STAND the game Call of Duty.

  1. Mustache Pint Glasses 2 for $10!
  2. Man Bowl (this made me laugh out loud)
  3. Remote control helicopter*
  4. Lord of the Rings, Collector's edition
  5. Anything Xbox/game related

*note: while boys love love love the remote controller helicopters-- they are VERY annoying.

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Megan said...

omg the remote control helicopter. my little bro (21) LOVES them. he had one. then i broke it. he still hasnt gotten over it.