falling in fall.

Sometimes I have days like this:

Days that start with hot coffee and homemade fresh bagels. Days with warm fall air, blue skies and bubbles. These days, I love.

But sometimes my days are filled with doubt. Financial panic. Unanswered job applications and rejected resumes. Battles with my inner self critic. And all of this? It is tiring. Add in the dark fall afternoons and sometimes I really do feel as though I am falling.  I know there are people standing on the ground, holding a net for me- but what if I miss the net? What if I hit the ground? 

am I ever going to figure this thing out?


Emily said...

If you hit the ground, you'll get back up. I know this because you're strong and I've watched you do it before. And I'll be there to help you up. (How many times in the past have you helped me up? So, so many.) You have so many important things figured out. This one is taking a little more time. But you'll figure it out. It will figure itself out. And in the meantime, you're not alone. I promise you are not alone. Sending you love.

Debbie {mrs and the village} said...

Jobs are for slobs. I just made that up, did it make you feel better? Probably not because it was terrible.

I love days that are perfect cause man do the bad days make you forget about them quickly.

Sending positive vibes. *Woosh*