Etsy Monday!!!!

So, I've done two posts already on ideas for Christmas/Holiday presents for Mom + Dad and now that it is Etsy Monday, I know I should probably stick to the same theme, buuuuut nah. I'm going traditional. Just some things I've seen on Etsy that I want real bad! Or, have already purchased (see mustache pacifier). I'm telling you- you cannot go wrong on Etsy. Best gifts ever! 

amorphous porcelain cylinder by Ultralighting

marimo moss ball in re-purposed lightbulb by eGardenstudio

Little man pacifier by rmintert

fox Christmas ornaments by OneeyeDog

sweatshirt tunic dress w/hood by joclothing


chanel said...

GREAT finds! I love the wooden ornaments, the pacifier and the hooded tunic!

xo chanel

Nikskie said...

hey, i love the lightbulb and the porcelain cylinder :P
the porcelain cylinder reminds of flowers that about to bloom

Mo Pie, Please said...

Whoa, so much awesomeness going on here! I love the pendants and the ornaments so much!

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