Etsy Monday

I want to buy all (most) of my Christmas presents on Etsy this year. Why? Because I adore handmade items and because I want my gifts to be original, special. SOOOOO I've been spending much more time then is normal on Etsy shopping for my fam and Jeff. And maybe me... ain't no thang...

Brass triangle and pyrite earrings by Noble Town Vintage - um...for me!

Beer t shirt by FoulTshirts. Perfect for my brother!
bahahha!! Print by JennaDickes. For my crazy cat friends.
Delicate bracelet for my sister-in-law perhaps? By Frosted Willow.
Butcher block cutting board by MrsReKamepip . Chef Jeff would love this.


chanel said...

I love the two jewelry pieces you picked out!

xo chanel

Alivia said...

You are the best at picking gifts!! I thought of each person you mentioned when I first saw the photo :)

Lost&Found said...

I need that <3 cat picture! Amazing! And a butcher block, YESSS! Love all these things!