CYBER Etsy Monday!!!!!!

Etsy is joining in on the fun that is Cyber Monday (which to be honest, I didn't really know what cyber Monday was until a few days ago..) and some great things are on the cheap or sellers are offering free shipping! Here are some of my Cyber Monday finds, act fast!

Hand blown glass snow globe ornament by Jessie C.
Recycled silver secret message ring by Punkybunny300
Vintage 1950's gold bracelet from Malibloom
Distressed bookcase by Aly&Company
Silk ribbon bracelet by Letterhappy
Vintage woven bag from Hazel Hall Vintage (AMAZING vintage finds here, people!)

And now I must stop, because if I don't I will surely spend the entire day scouring Etsy!


Nikskie said...

i love the snow globe, and the bookshelf. they are pretty.

p.s : isn't that outfit in silk ribbon bracelet also cute??

Alivia said...

Eeeesh. It's a good thing I don't have time to browse, I'd buy everything with my -$2. But holy moly, you find the best things, cousin!

Jessica Wray said...

I didn't even think to see if Etsy had any cyber monday deals! silly me!