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:::how I accidentally honk my car's horn about once a day. The horn is on a really weird part of the steering wheel and it scares the piss out of me when I honk it by mistake- it is loud. I'm sure I scare the random cars/people that my horn is blaring at more, though.
:::phone interviews.
:::dropping a can of beets at the grocery store and swearing profusely- then realizing a priest is in line behind me. Woops.
:::not being able to ever properly pronounce the word 'recidivism'.
:::not being able to find the ice scraper for my car and using an old cd case to scrape the morning frost.
:::stepping in dog poo. Seriously? Clean that shiz up people!
::::::not having a single trick or treater come to our house.
:::my ding dong of a cat going into a paper bag, promptly getting scared of something and trying, unsuccessfully, to get back out of said paper bag.


:::finally making phone contact with my Texas bestie!
:::meeting baby Braden- my college roommate's 7 week old.
:::not having a single trick or treater and getting all the candy to ourselves!
:::carving pumpkins and eating thai food with friends while drinking wine -- more specifically VAMPIRE wine. Yes I bought it only because it was called Vampire. Yes I am developing a vampire obsession. Yes, I do not care.
:::my new vera wang pumps that I get to rock this weekend at a wedding. Also awesome, the wedding we are going to!
:::It is November. New Twilight comes out this month. Awesome, yes. Also potentially awkward since I don't really care for the movies thus far and think the acting is horribly awkward.
:::DIY projects.
:::Jeff singing to me. Always hilarious. Always awesome.

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chanel said...

We didn't have a single trick-or-treater either! I love your list!