At the risk of being overdone...

Today is Regis' last day on Regis + Kelly.

Now, normally I don't care about this kind of stuff- seriously, nbd. But Regis? He holds a special part of my heart.

When Emily & I lived together and had mornings free, we used to curl up on the couch with our coffees, laptops and watch Regis + Kelly. It was our thing! And then even after Em moved out, if we found ourselves both watching R+K on separate couches, in separate states with different coffee in our mugs, we would email one another about the show. 

We find Regis hilarious. I'm not sure if it is because he is severely technology challenged or his gruff old man temper, but he made us laugh. Many of our email flurries contain Regis quotes or "did you see what he just did???" 
So I guess more than anything Regis' final show just has me feeling a bit nostalgic more than anything else, and missing my mornings with Em.

So long, Reg.

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Emily said...

I meant to comment on this days ago, but... I love this post. And I miss you. And it makes me more than a little sad. xoxoxo