Today, the average temperature in Maine was warmer than any other state, including Florida. It is December 1st, tomorrow. This. Is. AWESOME.

Sorry skiers, but I'll take this amazingly warm perfect snow free weather any day.  

Images of warmth (and random):


CYBER Etsy Monday!!!!!!

Etsy is joining in on the fun that is Cyber Monday (which to be honest, I didn't really know what cyber Monday was until a few days ago..) and some great things are on the cheap or sellers are offering free shipping! Here are some of my Cyber Monday finds, act fast!

Hand blown glass snow globe ornament by Jessie C.
Recycled silver secret message ring by Punkybunny300
Vintage 1950's gold bracelet from Malibloom
Distressed bookcase by Aly&Company
Silk ribbon bracelet by Letterhappy
Vintage woven bag from Hazel Hall Vintage (AMAZING vintage finds here, people!)

And now I must stop, because if I don't I will surely spend the entire day scouring Etsy!


Remember when I won an Ipad?

Don't judge me for this face, I was really excited:

And here are some images from the rest of the Holiday- minus any awesome winning!


Giving some thanks

I'm thankful for a lot of things, but in particular and lately:

  1. My family (most of the time. ha!)
  2. Loving someone and being loved back
  3. My wonderful beautiful friends
  4. The Ipad that I won last night. Yes, that is right- I. Won. An. Ipad. The NEW ipad 2. ME! I've never won anything in my life. But I had a feeling I was going to win...
  5. My psychic abilities. See above.
  6. The combination of chocolate/caramel and sea salt.
  7. My sweet sweet dog
  8. The fact that I am lucky enough to do all of the things I do- including, walking, running, eating, sleeping, driving, etc.- and feel safe doing all of them
  9. Books.
  10. People that believe in me and continue to push me towards my goals.
  11. Cheese.
  12. Music
  13. Down comforters and 450 thread count sheets.
  14. Red wine.
  15. Micucci's pizza.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and spending it with people you love. 


for the man in your life- be him bro or beau!

Ok, it is hard shopping for guys. I have a brother AND a boyfriend, and I always get stuck year after year. One year I got Jeff an Xbox, then one year some new golf shoes, an ipod...Girl is RUNNING OUT of ideas! And for my brother? I just usually try to get him something ridiculous and funny. Mustache pint glasses did the trick last year (since he can't grow one hahaha). So, here are a few ideas-- please note, I cannot STAND the game Call of Duty.

  1. Mustache Pint Glasses 2 for $10!
  2. Man Bowl (this made me laugh out loud)
  3. Remote control helicopter*
  4. Lord of the Rings, Collector's edition
  5. Anything Xbox/game related

*note: while boys love love love the remote controller helicopters-- they are VERY annoying.


Etsy Monday!!!!

So, I've done two posts already on ideas for Christmas/Holiday presents for Mom + Dad and now that it is Etsy Monday, I know I should probably stick to the same theme, buuuuut nah. I'm going traditional. Just some things I've seen on Etsy that I want real bad! Or, have already purchased (see mustache pacifier). I'm telling you- you cannot go wrong on Etsy. Best gifts ever! 

amorphous porcelain cylinder by Ultralighting

marimo moss ball in re-purposed lightbulb by eGardenstudio

Little man pacifier by rmintert

fox Christmas ornaments by OneeyeDog

sweatshirt tunic dress w/hood by joclothing


Holiday Gift Ideas for the Papa!

Here are a few of my Christmas gift ideas for your Dad or Grandfather. Notice how un-sterotypical I am. (sarcasm).

  1. Beer making kit, $50
  2. Alarm phone dock, $48
  3. Fly fishing lures, $23
  4. Wood carving kit- varies
  5. Authentic stadium seat cufflinks, $150


Holiday Gift Ideas

I am not one of those people who finishes or even STARTS their Christmas shopping in September. I am, however, that person who scrambles in those 5 days before Christmas. Or even Christmas Eve. So sue me. Or don't, I couldn't afford to lose.

Anyway, some years- most years- I have NO freakin' clue what to get for people. I would love to get meaningful original gifts every single year, but that is pretty much impossible. This year, I am trying to think a little in advance and thought maybe I'd help y'all out by giving you some ideas for your loved ones. Today's post features Mom gifts! Have at it, folks.

  1. Ipod shuffle $49
  2. Kindle, $79
  3. Brown marble wine coolor, $24
  4. Family infinity necklace $110
  5. Flare dark wash jeans $100


At the risk of being overdone...

Today is Regis' last day on Regis + Kelly.

Now, normally I don't care about this kind of stuff- seriously, nbd. But Regis? He holds a special part of my heart.

When Emily & I lived together and had mornings free, we used to curl up on the couch with our coffees, laptops and watch Regis + Kelly. It was our thing! And then even after Em moved out, if we found ourselves both watching R+K on separate couches, in separate states with different coffee in our mugs, we would email one another about the show. 

We find Regis hilarious. I'm not sure if it is because he is severely technology challenged or his gruff old man temper, but he made us laugh. Many of our email flurries contain Regis quotes or "did you see what he just did???" 
So I guess more than anything Regis' final show just has me feeling a bit nostalgic more than anything else, and missing my mornings with Em.

So long, Reg.


Web MD is a real jerk.

So when I went running earlier I noticed that I had a huge pain in my side- not the normal runners side cramp (or so my severely hypochondriac mind decided). Upon my return home, I promptly grabbed my computer and went to good ol' Web MD. You know that site, right? Where you can type in your symptoms and the body parts and then it tells you what is wrong with you.

Know what Web MD told me after I typed in shooting pains in lower right side area?

Check your prostate.

Excuse me? My prostate? Know what my reaction was? I wish I could say I calmly realized that I accidentally checked off male instead of female but no. Instead I panicked and texted Emily.

See what you are doing to me Web MD?  You are actually making me send text messages to my friends wondering why a website thinks I have a prostate. Not cool.

Maybe I didn't drink enough coffee today.


Etsy Monday

I want to buy all (most) of my Christmas presents on Etsy this year. Why? Because I adore handmade items and because I want my gifts to be original, special. SOOOOO I've been spending much more time then is normal on Etsy shopping for my fam and Jeff. And maybe me... ain't no thang...

Brass triangle and pyrite earrings by Noble Town Vintage - um...for me!

Beer t shirt by FoulTshirts. Perfect for my brother!
bahahha!! Print by JennaDickes. For my crazy cat friends.
Delicate bracelet for my sister-in-law perhaps? By Frosted Willow.
Butcher block cutting board by MrsReKamepip . Chef Jeff would love this.


Outfit post? Can I do these?

Holy poo balls I'm tired. Last night, after an eventful evening of bowling and family feud (Wii style!) with friends, we came home and I promptly fell asleep on the couch. I had 3 adult beverages and apparently, that was just the right amount to knock me out cold-- I am not one to sleep on a couch when I have a nice cozy bed just steps away. Those 3 beers made me pay and now I have a redic stiff neck and burning eyeballs. 

Anyone else get burning eyeballs when they are tired? Worst feeling!!

Anyway, here is what I wore:

Shirt, H&M; Jeans, J Brand; Shoes, Urban Outfitters; jewelery, F21.
Now, bear with me. This is my first "what I wore" post- and maybe? i'll do more but let me know what you think. All I know is that I personally like it when bloggers show pictures of their cute outfits, so I'm trying it out!

Maybe I should also post what I'm wearing at the moment? Nah, nobody wants to see my sweatpants tuxedo.


eleveneleveneleven and a rant.

SO many people I know are going to weddings today on 11/11/11- make a wish right? It is a little cheesy, no?
Are you ready for a rant, cause here it comes.

Last weekend, we went to a wedding. It was in Massachusetts and between two wonderful men.  The wedding was one of the most touching, loving and beautiful ceremonies I have EVER been to. The love and support from everyone present and the love between the two groomsmen was just overwhelming.

But you know what makes me so angry? The fact that Massachusetts is one of the very few states (I can count on ONE hand + 1) that "allows" (I hate that word, too) marriage between same sex couples.  In fact, most states outright BAN it.

I do not get it. I don't understand! I really really don't. And if you are reading this and you disagree with my point of view, don't even try to "make" me understand.   "Marriage (or wedlock) is a social union or legal contract between people that creates kinship. It is an institution in which interpersonal relationships, usually intimate and sexual, are acknowledged in a variety of ways, depending on the culture or subculture in which it is found. Such a union, often formalized via a wedding ceremony, may also be called matrimony." This is Wikipedia's definition. Nothing in there specifies why states should be allowed to dictate who can be allowed to marry.  Merriam Webster has a different definition and adds in the words "between a man and woman" and this is the definition that I have heard as a clear cut argument from those who oppose gay marriage- "well, marriage is defined as being between a man and a woman".

PFFFfffffFfffffft seriously? Really???? That is your argument? The same dictionary that holds the marriage definition you are so stuck to, also defines "bling bling" and "textaholic".

People forget, I think, that marriage at its core, is about love. Or maybe rather, that it should be about love. The same states that do not allow marriage between same sex couples do, however, allow couples to get married and then instantly divorce if they so choose. I didn't want to bring this up, but...Kim Kardashian? She has been married twice, her second marriage lasting all of 2 seconds. Britney Spears? Yeah. Of course it is gay marriage that is ruining the institution of marriage and not those who treat marriage like buying a new cell phone.

I don't understand why people have a problem with it and I never will. I don't understand why in 2011, in a country that is so advanced- in a time where we are so tech savy- in a country that worked so hard to afford civil rights for all of its citizens- that there are those out there who steadfastly oppose gay marriage and are willing to dump millions of dollars into preventing it.

Love. That is what marriage should boil down to. People should be allowed to marry who they want when they want. Now, I'm not saying that polygamy should be granted or you should be allowed to marry their favorite goat... but two people who are in love and want to spend the rest of their lives together should be able to do so by marriage and without any regard to what sex they are.

I know people disagree with me. Doesn't mean I have to understand why. I will always believe in love. 


falling in fall.

Sometimes I have days like this:

Days that start with hot coffee and homemade fresh bagels. Days with warm fall air, blue skies and bubbles. These days, I love.

But sometimes my days are filled with doubt. Financial panic. Unanswered job applications and rejected resumes. Battles with my inner self critic. And all of this? It is tiring. Add in the dark fall afternoons and sometimes I really do feel as though I am falling.  I know there are people standing on the ground, holding a net for me- but what if I miss the net? What if I hit the ground? 

am I ever going to figure this thing out?


Etsy Monday

I feel like I've been away for-ev-er! But no, just gone for the weekend. The wedding we went to was probably one of the sweetest most lovely weddings I've ever had the pleasure to attend. You could just FEEL how much they love each other. Amazing. I had never been to a gay wedding before so I wasn't sure what to expect. Turns out, a wedding is a wedding. Although honestly, after witnessing such a sweet ceremony and be a part of such a wonderful celebration-- it just made me that much more pissed off that most states don't allow same sex marriage.  Anyway I'll get into that rant later on this week in other post...

Moving on shall we?

mini embossed holiday cards by mad4plaid
Love the bright color and quirkiness of this little card- I think it would stand out nicely in a sea of snowman cards and santas!

Antler bobby pins by WoodlandBelle

magnetic spice jars by Gneiss Spice

duck duck goose measuring spoons by Enchantedmushroomland
antique gold leather journal by Baghy

gray leather wallet by the LeatherTH