When life gives you apples

You guys. Today I accidentally made something delicious. Like, really really really good. (Prepare yourself for a long and windy story before you get to the part about the deliciousness).

So this weekend is my parent's 35th wedding anniversary party- in preparation I've started to make whatever foods I can before hand. This afternoon I started to make some apple pies- I planned on making two for the party. However, once I started peeling and slicing the apples it became rapidly apparent that we picked FAR too many apples on Monday.  Jeff and I, along with my darling siblings and my sister-in-law, went to an orchard the other day and we were having so much fun picking apples we didn't realize that we picked enough for an entire army.


After making two pies and still having a shiz ton of cut up apples left, I made a third pie.


So, I peaked in the fridge and saw we had a thing of reduced fat croissants, cream cheese and some goat cheese. So, I took the croissants out of the canister and rolled them out on the counter into little triangles- the perforated triangles. Then in some I spread cream cheese, some apple pie filling and rolled them up. In others, I sprinkled goat cheese before adding apple pie filling and rolling them up. Then I baked them according to the croissant package. Can I just say, I did not expect these to taste as wonderful as they did. 

I think I prefer the cream cheese over the goat cheese. I don't even know what to call these little bundles of apple goodness.  What I do know is that I will be making these for breakfasts or future brunches with friends. Yum yum yum.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention that we still have a half of a paper bag full of apples. Any ideas on what to make next?


Mel said...

I made apple pie this weekend too! Those little apple surprises sound fantastic, though, and I'll definitely have to make them sometime.

Emily said...

Love the header! And those sound amazing. You always make the best ever concoctions out of whatever you have lying around - how?! xo (Also, yes, I am still awake. But going to bed now, promise.)

Emily said...


Courtney B said...

Oh my... that does sound SO amazing! Yum :)
And now I really want to go to an orchard and pick some apples! Sounds like fun :)