Sister Sister

Today it is this little girl's birthday.
This charming creature, is my baby sister. She is now the ripe ol'age of 25.

She is quite the character.

See that bag she is wearing? ^ she stole that from me. Anyway- darling sister Rachel lives with Jeff and I right now while she is in PT school. She moved here almost a year ago for clinical rotation she had in Portland + class.  I haven't lived with my sister since before I left for college- so it had been awhile. Needless to say, living with a sibling is much more enjoyable when you are older and they aren't following you around trying to hang with you and your friends- that just aint cool. 

My sister and I have nothing in common.

Ok, maybe we do. 

Know how I am kind of clumsy and do ridiculous things?  When Rach was little- like, little little- she, within a span of 5 years, burnt her hand on an iron so badly that her little 2 year old arm was in a cast. A year or two later, she fell off her tricycle 3 times in a row and landed on her chin each time. Her little baby chin turned PURPLE and swollen and looked like that for over a week- she looked like she had a beard. Then, my brother and I one day found some metal skewers in the garage when my parents weren't looking and thought it would be fun to stab crab apples with them. Rachel, at age 4 wanted to join in the fun and quickly missed the apple and instead pierced her hand. Whoops. Under the age of 5 and already 3 major trips to the hospital.

Now that she is *gasp* grown up- she isn't as accident prone and actually turned out quite athletic (unlike myself- I seemed to go in the opposite direction). My sister is one of the most kind and sensitive people I know. If you are sad and if you are crying- she will start crying too because it breaks her heart that someone is hurting. She is also one of the funniest people I know. 


Seriously, you are a lucky duck if you know my sister. I know I feel pretty lucky to know her, live with her and call her my sissy-pie.

Happy birthday baby sister- you're the bomb diggity. 

see?! sometimes we are normal.


Alivia said...
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Alivia said...

SHE IS the bomb diggity! You two are my favorites.

Emily said...

Amazing, awesome, fantabulous photos! Sending happy birthday wishes!!!

Bon Bon said...

She looks like she's full of character! You guys sound fun. And that fact that you called her a charming creature makes me really happy:-) xoxo