Mondays. Snow. and Etsy.

I don't like snow. Living in Maine, one would think I be immune to snow pissing me off. Wrong. I cannot STAND it. That isn't entirely true I suppose-- I like snow on December 25th. That is about it. Imagine my horror if you will, when this past Saturday it snowed. In fact, we got about 4 inches of snow. On October 29. Flash back to October 8th, a mere 21 days prior, and I was at the beach.

What the helllll is wrong with this picture?

Enough complaining. On to my weekly wants on Etsy!

half apron by Foodphyte (um yes, I need this.)
Oh! Also, I discovered this adorable etsy shop when Courtney over at Vintch left me the sweetest blog comment! Her etsy shop is an amazing collection of vintage finds. Some of the items adore:

love! and the back is just as cute!!

navy high waisted skirt- only $12!
denim jumper

Seriously, amazing etsy shop!

dog bed cover (pooch not included) by the Olive Crow . Cali's Christmas gift, obviously.

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