Loads O'Pumpkins

I can't walk. I can't bend down. I can't really move without appearing as though I am an 98 year old woman. Dang, Mount Manadnock, you really kicked my butt. The 2nd most hiked mountain in the world-- did you know that? I didn't. I mean, it is in New Hampshire. No offense, NH, but I just didn't see you as coming in #2.  So we were supposed to hike a long, but reasonable trail on Sunday- as in, not really super steep. Well, we parked in the wrong parking lot so instead we ended up traveling 2 hrs up a steeeeeeeep steeeeeep slippery trail and going down the same trail. Jelly legs, I had them. However, did I expect to be this sore? No. I mean, I've been a lean mean running machine since last April. Jeff, he isn't the least bit sore and all he has done for exercise as of late is golf. Yes, true his legs are about 10 feet longer than mine, but still. What gives?

Oh well, the soreness is worth it. The view from the top was insane.

On to more exciting stuff, the Keene, NH Pumpkinfest. Keene used to hold the world record for the most carved lit up pumpkins at one event. Used to, until big bad Boston and their bajillion people copied Keene and took the title over. Poor Keene. The little town that could has kept going with their Pumpkin shenanigans. So glad they did, because I went for the very first time and it was aaaaaamazing. Even though they didn't shatter any records, seeing 16,000 pumpkins in one place all lit up was preeeeetty cool. Does that make me a dork? I couldn't stop snapping pictures. Or pointing out cool pumpkins. We wondered around the festival eating fair food (fried pickles? who knew they were so good) and drinking towers of pumpkin beer with sugared rim glasses. Pumpkin Fest did not disappoint.  In fact, just made me love fall that much more.

pumpkin bowling anyone????

Katie's owl

Jeff's tree and my stars-- Andrew's questionable diamond in the back

beer tower

it was really warm on top. NOT. (should I bring not back??)


Debbie {mrs and the village} said...

Do it! Bring "not!" back! I'll use it. We can be a team.

Also, love the pumpkin carving, you people seem like professionals. I say this because I buy pumpkins and lay them on the ground without doing much else to them.


Emily said...

You two are too cute. I love that photo! The diamond carving is totally my style and - wow - that owl is fantastic!