Etsy Monday!

Pumpkinfest was so much fun- pictures to come soon. And our hike? Amaze. Although it was a lot more difficult than we anticipated and I'm preeeeeetty sore today.  It blew my mind some of the people that were trying to hike the same trail we were on- little kids, people with babies strapped to them, ladies with slip on sketchers...what?! Why! I mean sometimes we were literally scrambling up straight rock face- slippery from the rain the night before. C'mon people, know what you are getting into before you head up the trail.

Anyway, it is the week before Halloween and my etsy searching has been for cozy warm things to fight off the chilly October air or for Halloweeny stuff! Halloween is one of my favorites and I love decorating with sophisticated edgy creepy stuff, not the typical Walmart plastic black and orange. Check out this weeks picks!!

Eco friendly cozy felt non-slip slippers by Woolybaby
Halloween Banner by Inspirational Banners
Halloween Art Print by Biloxi Housewife
Blood Wine Bottle Label by Bittersweet Apothecary
Burlap Raven pillow by Aislinn Creations
double sleeved hoodie sweater by Idea2lifestyle


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such cozy, lovely fall finds! those shoes need to be on my feet ASAP:) so happy to find your blog.