AWKward + Awesome

Thursday already? For realz? Today it was C-O-L-D and I hear some parts of Maine are getting snow. Running outside isn't going to last much longer and I am dreading the treadmill- that, my friends, will be a lot more awkwards for the future.


*ripping my NEW jeans
*how much time I spend on Pinterest
*attending a training for VLP (Volunteer Lawyers Project) and locking myself out of the building going to grab something in my car. Phone was inside. 
*How easily I bruise. I slammed my leg into the side of my brother's couch recently and it looks like I was beaten with a 2x4. Also awkward running into my brother's couch??
*how many pumpkin seeds I ate yesterday. Sick. Seriously I put down like 5 pumpkins, I swear.
*the fact that I am getting excited for the new Twilight movie. Sad, I know.
*the little boy I babysit for saying "truck" and having it really sound like something else. and laughing.


*what I made for dinner tonight: crispy oven baked eggplant fries and grilled cheese and veggie sandwiches. Ooooh my goodness.
*Pinterest. I don't care that I'm geeked out on it. That website is amaze. I have found more recipes, DIY projects and ideas for the house than on any other.
*over the knee socks
*candy corn. anyone who says it isn't awesome is a dang fool.
*curled up on the couch with a cup of tea and a book-- most. relaxing. thing. ever.
*stews and soups. Yep, awesome.
*the new pair of boots i'm saving for. $20 here, $20 there...who knows, maybe I'll get them by next March.
*planning to run in the Philly 10 miler w/Elizabeth
*sponsoring super sweet blogs that I adore


Emily said...

every. single. line. of this post makes me miss the truck out of you. ;-) (love, love, love you.)

Emily said...

also, i really love the new banner!