awkward + awesome


*blowing my nose in public places. I'm sick, I have a cold. I am so self conscious about blowing my nose around people that don't know me since I sound like a dying goose. Not sure if boogers running down my face is a better alternative, though.
*having to spit during the half marathon, checking to make sure no one is around me, then almost hitting woman passing me with my loogie. Oops! So sorry lady in the green jacket. At least i missed!
*the little 2 year old I babysit (occasionally) consistently lifting up my shirt to look at my belly button.
*having people ask me "what are you up to? Where do you work now?"
*the fact that last night it was 29 (29!!!!!) degrees but Saturday and Sunday it is supposed to be in the 80's.
*both my dog AND my cat puking within mere minutes of one another
*how my dog is (seemingly) only able to do her #2 business by the side of the road during 'rush' hour. I know i know I live in Maine and there is no such thing as traffic, but the road we live on at 7:30am and 5pm, there IS traffic. Trust me.
*Em and I texting each other:


*helping two of my dear friends find office space and starting up their own law firm (the office is also in a pretty sweet remodeled fire station that is merely doors away from Coffee By Design. I plan on spending a lot of time there.
*chai tea
*the pumpkins, multicolored mums and corn stalks decorating our front steps
*my grandmother's 90th birthday this weekend!!!
*the fact that is going to be 80 degrees this weekend
*skyping with Emmy when we are both sick (and she can hardly talk...the awesome part is the skyping, not the sick)
*really super sweet comments from other bloggers- so encouraging to know that people are reading my (silly) words.
*the people in our condo association finally coming together to organize and take over the board to kick out the lameo running it right now
*finally finishing painting our dresser and ordering both vintage pulls for the drawers and these adorable knobs
*my animals squirrel watching:

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