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Whew, another week come and gone. It flew by in a mix of rainy days and super sunny days. This weekend, Jeff and I are heading to Keene, NH with Katie and Andrew for Pumpkin Fest. I'm preeeetty excited to carve a pumpkin, roast the seeds then place it among HUNDREDS of other pumpkins! Then Sunday we are going to hike Mt. Monadnock. Busy bees we are. Well, lets get down to it. 

* running past the man I high fived and turning 5 hundred shades of red
* my freakin' WEIRD cat licking all the hair off of her abdomen because she has a skin allergy. The thing is, she did such a good job, I may or may not have assumed that either my sister or Jeff shaved her. Guess that is another awkward, asking your bf if he shaved your cat.

*getting tangled in the blankets on the couch and falling off
* having a person who I KNOW doesn't like me- stalk my pinterest. Creepy or flattering?
*driving up State Street this morning and passing a seemingly drunk man peeing on the side of the road. Towards the cars. i.e., I got an early morning full frontal.
*not fully editing this post and incorrectly using where instead of wear. DUH.


*navy blue matte nail polish
*Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers new album Gift Horse
*having someone tell Jeff that I am hysterically funny and a straight shooter- nice!
*early morning phone calls with Emily
*finding the perfect dress to wear to my very first gay wedding in a couple of weeks!
*getting a thank you card from my grandmother 
*buying new plants from the farmers market and FRESH brussel sprouts
*hot apple cider and more importantly, not spilling the hot apple cider
*pulling out my knitting bag and teaching myself how to knit (again)

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