when failure isn't an option but it happens anyway

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Recently I failed at something- that honestly, I deserved to fail. I went into it with a bitter attitude and little expectations. I didn't try, put in little effort and my nonchalance was just stifling. However, failure still hurts. It stings. It makes me doubt myself, my intelligence and what the hell I am doing with my life.

But, when I get past the sad- get past the bad, the hurt, the EVERYTHING that comes with failure...I am okay. How many people can say that they have failed (repeatedly) at something, and yet continued to get right back up again. How many people can say that they haven't given up. I believe that those people who always get what they want or who never know what it feels like to fail are not as strong as I am. The people that haven't ever cried into the arms of their best friend after hearing the bad news- don't have the same drive that I do.  This has shaped me. This has made me into who I am. This has made me more relateable, I think, to people out there that have struggled with success.

This, this is it. I'm shaking off this recent fail and moving forward. I'm surrounded by people that believe in me and love me and right now, that is all I need to keep on going. 


Alivia said...

Oh, sweet best friend. You are my inspiration to do good things every day (and have been my whole life). Thank you for sharing your news, though, and somehow being a beautiful light on my day. I woke up indescribably bitter, and you, favorite person, have blown it away.
Love you

Bon Bon said...

Shine on is right, girl! We have all failed in life. No one is perfect, nothing ever will be. But we definitely make our world better by trying, and trying, annnnd trying:-) xoxo

Emily said...

Yes, yes, you have so many people that love you and believe in you and that is what is so. much. more. important. Shine on, my love. You do, you can, and you will.


meg fee said...

yeah, funny thing, it is always hard. but man oh man does it provide some of the best learning experiences!

keep going gorgeous girl!