"What is your blog about?"

So I got asked this question the other night. It came up at book club (yes, book club. It is awesome and will get awesomer) that I have a blog and one of the girls asked what I write about.


Yeah, that is pretty much what I said. Then I thought for a second, does my blog have a theme? What do I write about the most? Then it hit me and I announced, "My blog is basically about my every day life- actually, more truthfully, it is about what I have done that day to embarrass myself."

And then that turned into me telling my "high five" story and the mannequin story- some of the girls were in tears they were laughing so hard. And that felt...great! I mean, I know that I tend to do very silly things- very embarrassing things- but hey, as long as I can laugh about it, and make other people laugh by telling them about it, it kinda feels good! We all do things on a daily basis that cause us to turn 5 shades of red, but the most important thing is to come out of that experience smiling. Laughter is said to be the best medicine and I like to think that being able to laugh at yourself is the second best medicine. 

Never ever take yourself too seriously.

^ um, right whoever put up this sign? laugh.

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