Take what you get

I haven't really been honest here. Sometimes I think about who reads my blog, especially since I've attached the link to my twitter account (where I am sure that certain people who I do not care frequent...), and I censor my words because I don't want people take my words and use them against me in some weird way.

But- I don't care about that anymore. So, that said, it has been really really hard being unemployed. Scary. Makes me feel like a loser. Honestly, when I worked at the state house and was laid off because of the change in party majority, I never ever thought it would take this long to find a job. I mean, I have my freakin' law degree.  But every job I apply for- every job I don't get- makes me sort of HATE my law degree. Do you know how many times I've heard "over qualified"? People assume that because you go to law school, that you must want to be a practicing attorney and work in a huge firm making the big bucks. That assumption sucks because that is the very opposite reason I went to law school.

Ahhh well enough bitching. The point of this post is that, with all of the challenges, with all of the days where I wonder if it will ever end, there are still wonderful moments. I still am so blessed. Yes, I may need to stop wallowing and remind myself of that from time to time, and sometimes it is hard to see- but I know I am lucky. How many unemployed 29 year olds are lucky enough to have a stable loving relationship? Loving and supportive friends? Family that is ALWAYS there.

Yeah, life is pretty good regardless. I know it will get better.  

One step at a time.

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