Sunsets and solo cups

chipmunk cheeks

Last week we went on a sunset cruise of Casco Bay for the first time ever. The boat goes around to several of the local Islands- mostly the ones pretty far out. I have only been as far as Peaks, so this was pretty cool. The homes on these islands are insane! The views! I want.

The best part is you are allowed to bring food + a bevy of your choice on the boat! We loaded up with some cheese, crackers and wine and were good to go. Oh and hummus. I stepped in the hummus though, so we didn't get to really enjoy that.

We are pretty classy individuals- wine in solo cups. We also might have sang a few sea fairing songs-- pirate songs? I don't know- I got pretty stuck with rhyming the word anchor. I think I might have sang "sank 'er" - which Jeff informed me I shouldn't be singing out loud since "sank" isn't really a word you should be shouting on a boat.

It was a unexpectedly fun night + time. I recommend it. Ahoy! 

Yep, the Seahag.

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