I have more awkward than awesome

and it isn't Thursday, I know.  But seriously, as of late I am SO freakin' awkward all the time. I had to stop doing "awkward + awesome" because it made me feel silly every time I realized how little "awesome" I had for the week.

Um yes. Today's awkward moment takes the cake over anything else that has happened this past week. Er, month....well, maybe EVER.

Dear man running the Back Bay,

I apologize for what took place as we passed each other on the trail. It really wasn't your fault. You see, I'm training for a half marathon and slightly new to the social running world (Yes, I know I ran XC in high school- but, that was years ago...) and do not know all the runner rules. So, earlier today- I was on my 6th mile, hungry, tired, and thinking about what I was going to eat for breakfast- I really wasn't paying proper attention to anything or anyone else around me. Thus, when we passed each other on the narrow trail and you lifted your hand to simply wave at me (as I'm learning runners do to each other as they pass, much like motorcycle drivers or people that drive Jeeps), the closeness of our passing combined with my lack of attention, lead me to believe you wanted me to give you a high five. 

I apologize for really really startling you when I slapped your hand. I don't usually give strangers high fives. In fact, I don't usually give ANYONE high fives. Thanks though, for just continuing your run and not calling me a moron or dwelling in the moment of my pure embarrassment. I hope you had a fantastic run- no thanks to our "special" moment.

Hope I never see you again!


And now if you excuse me, I'm off to move across the country.

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Emily said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. OMG. DYING. Nicole, I don't even have words for you. This is the best yet. You. Are. Amazing. Hahahahahahahahaha