friday baby

happy friday my little squirrels! Y'all have anything fun planned for the long weekend? Jeff and I are headed to the coast (Are you finding yourself asking, wait Nicole, don't you guys live on the coast? Portland is an ocean city!)  Yes, Portland is on the ocean but I don't so much think of it like that since most of the oceany parts are city-ized. We are headed to Georgetown, Maine- or 5 Island to be exact- with my college friends. I am super excited to have a few days of salty air, seafood and laughs!  

So yesterday as I did my long run (10.5 miles baby! Chaffed thighs to prove it! EWWWWW!) I was thinking of a conversation I had recently with Elizabeth about friends. We both admit that when it comes to our close friends, we sort of put a blind faith in them that they will love us for every bit of who we are and not judge us or hold our flaws against us. Does everyone else do this? I have a cluster of close friends that I love dearly.  I love them whole for who they are and just trust that they love me the same. I don't say bad things about them. I don't talk behind their backs. Am I silly to think that they do the same? I hope not! I mean, I know I can be flaky and stubborn and suck at types of communication- do my friends love me anyway?

As I've gotten older, my circle of friends has become smaller but better. I'm choosey. I'm not just friends with people just because. My friends are those who I have connected with on many levels and we bring out the best in each other. Isn't that what all relationships should do?

Well...this was a random tangent! Anyway, enjoy your weekends- lemme know if you do something funsies!