Etsy Monday

Oh hi. 
I didn't do Etsy Monday last week- mainly because Monday was a holiday and I completely forgot. Woops. By the way, I spell whoops like this --> woops. I think it is more fun to say, "WOO-PS". And I cannot spell for beans. 

Which brings me to another point, what does the saying "for beans" mean? I have no idea. Wait, is that even a saying or did I just make that up? Holy crow, I need to drink more coffee. 

Moving on, here are the items on Etsy that I have been lusting. Also I'd love to know what y'all are loving on etsy! 

Burlap hobo bag with leather accents by Iragrant

Gray blue linen maxi skirt by Sophiaclothing

Vintage ornate drawer pull by TheHobKnob

Porcelain measuring cups by Mudaliscious

Unearthed crown ring by Tinyarmour

Life is Good coffee filter banner by Lampada

5x7 Print "Buildings Oceans Over Vacant Fields" by Obsoleteworld


Emily said...


Loving this shop and thought of you!

Mel said...

I love awkward moments like the high five one. I've had so many this past week. I didn't include them in my A&A, though..
However, I think you should always include yours because they're just great.

& I love that print!