cold + rainy + cozy

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First off, I love fall. It is my most favorite season (if I have lied in the past about other seasons, disregard that). I love when the leaves turn colors, when it is sunny + crisp outside, I love apple picking, drinking hot cider and wearing my knee high leather boots. I love making stuff in the crock pot, wearing warm scarves, layering my clothes, and the smell of the chilly air.  Sooooo the fact that it is now September and my favorite season is here, I am pretty excited.

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Today was chilly, rainy and windy. I fit in my scheduled run during a slight lull in the rain and have since been under a pile of blankets, wearing a soft sweatshirt with my laptop, books and hot tea. Job hunting is slightly more enjoyable when I am super happy with where I am and what is surrounding me.
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There are so many fun fall things coming up: The Common Ground Fair, our first Book Club meeting, the Damariscotta Pumpkinfest & Regatta (they RACE pumpkin boats!), my first ever half marathon, a weekend in NH with friends to hike Mt. Monadnock, Halloween....jeeeeeez I can't wait for all this stuff + to share it with y'all.

I wish my least favorite season didn't follow my most favorite...


Emily said...

i am so, so sad that i can't spend fall with you and very scared that fall doesn't exist down here. but. this post still made me happy. xo

Alivia said...

YESSSSS fall. I bought a pumpkin yesterday and my roommates were all "....pumpkin? It's still summer...."
I was all up in their shit immediately. No one tells me what season it is.

When are we visiting Em?

Mel said...

I love love love fall. Yay, this post made me happy. & Alivia, it is totally acceptable to buy a pumpkin in September. I might just do that at the farmer's market this weekend.. if they have them!