Baby fever + Etsy

I have the fever. Not Beiber fever, but baby fever. My friend Caity just had her baby two days ago- a little boy, Braden! And my good friend Molly is about 20 weeks along. Babies babies everywhere!! I love buying things for my friends and their little ones- sooooo you may sense a theme in this week's Etsty Monday.

Made from Scratch! so cuttttttttteeeee by TheOliveStitch

Zoo Animal Mobile by DropsofColorshop

baby booties by MyBabyandCompany

Ok this has nothing to do with babies--

Hand painted plate by JimBobart
But it is AWESOME.


Celeste said...

my friends are all starting to have babies so i totally relate! luckily i have the cutest little nieces and get my "baby fix" with them :)

Megan said...

pretty sure i have about 10 pregnant friends.

its out of control