coffee is HOT

I feel like lately I haven't done anything clumsy or embarrassing. 

It was kind of nice, while it lasted. I mean, sometimes I get nervous in public because I'm not sure what is going to happen or go wrong-- will I trip? Will I walk into a glass door? Will I mistake a human for a mannequin? Will I shut a large chunk of my hair in my car door?

Then today, I went to have lunch with a friend at a local sandwich/coffee shop. I made it through lunch with no incidents. Then, after Molly left- I stayed around, pulled out my laptop and worked on some projects. After 30 minutes I got up and ordered a large coffee. Since I was planning on staying, I got a mug instead of a paper cup. I took approximately 2 steps from the counter with my steaming mug of coffee, when the damn thing slipped out of my hand, fell to the floor, splashed allllllllllllll over my feet and the mug shattered to pieces.


Hot. HOT HOT HOT. Not only hot on my poor flipflop feet, but the MUG hit my foot first before it bounced to the floor. So, not only are the poor toes on my right foot bright red and burnt, but bruised the hell out of the top of my foot. And many many people saw this happen. And many many people saw me almost cry.


Well folks, looks like my days of non-embarrassment are over. Welcome back, public humiliation!


Etsy Monday!!

One thing I have a lot of lately is time. And instead of sitting around and feeling sorry for myself, which trust me, I could do because I have done it before- I've been keeping busy and testing myself, pushing myself. Training for the half marathon has kept me motivated. And for my creative side, I've been finding free pieces of furniture on craigslist and refinishing them. Or scouring the flee market for old picture frames or other original decorative pieces. 

Recently I found a FREE wooden dresser on craigslist. It was covered in layers of old paint. We've been painstakingly sanding it down and just started painting it a pretty slate blue color. It is going to look pretty sweet in our bedroom. Don't worry, I'll include pictures when it is done!

Point is, finding all this great stuff has kicked my decorating gear into overdrive and it finally feels as though this house has some of our personality in it. Etsy has been a huge help and inspiration- here are my recent lusts:

White birch shelf- perfect for the bathroom or a few beautiful books! By Virtualdesignlab (who is a Mainer! nice!)

Coral pillow cover- by Kainkain

Wool lace stripe blanket by aclhandweaver

Burlap baskets by Jennilyons81

Storage bench by ModernRust

Reclaimed barnwood nightstand by Natureinspiredcrafts


my dog is smart.

*please note that the video cut off just as she was doing her "under" trick which includes running between my legs. You can blame my fat thumb for that!


when failure isn't an option but it happens anyway

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Recently I failed at something- that honestly, I deserved to fail. I went into it with a bitter attitude and little expectations. I didn't try, put in little effort and my nonchalance was just stifling. However, failure still hurts. It stings. It makes me doubt myself, my intelligence and what the hell I am doing with my life.

But, when I get past the sad- get past the bad, the hurt, the EVERYTHING that comes with failure...I am okay. How many people can say that they have failed (repeatedly) at something, and yet continued to get right back up again. How many people can say that they haven't given up. I believe that those people who always get what they want or who never know what it feels like to fail are not as strong as I am. The people that haven't ever cried into the arms of their best friend after hearing the bad news- don't have the same drive that I do.  This has shaped me. This has made me into who I am. This has made me more relateable, I think, to people out there that have struggled with success.

This, this is it. I'm shaking off this recent fail and moving forward. I'm surrounded by people that believe in me and love me and right now, that is all I need to keep on going. 


"What is your blog about?"

So I got asked this question the other night. It came up at book club (yes, book club. It is awesome and will get awesomer) that I have a blog and one of the girls asked what I write about.


Yeah, that is pretty much what I said. Then I thought for a second, does my blog have a theme? What do I write about the most? Then it hit me and I announced, "My blog is basically about my every day life- actually, more truthfully, it is about what I have done that day to embarrass myself."

And then that turned into me telling my "high five" story and the mannequin story- some of the girls were in tears they were laughing so hard. And that felt...great! I mean, I know that I tend to do very silly things- very embarrassing things- but hey, as long as I can laugh about it, and make other people laugh by telling them about it, it kinda feels good! We all do things on a daily basis that cause us to turn 5 shades of red, but the most important thing is to come out of that experience smiling. Laughter is said to be the best medicine and I like to think that being able to laugh at yourself is the second best medicine. 

Never ever take yourself too seriously.

^ um, right whoever put up this sign? laugh.


Baby fever + Etsy

I have the fever. Not Beiber fever, but baby fever. My friend Caity just had her baby two days ago- a little boy, Braden! And my good friend Molly is about 20 weeks along. Babies babies everywhere!! I love buying things for my friends and their little ones- sooooo you may sense a theme in this week's Etsty Monday.

Made from Scratch! so cuttttttttteeeee by TheOliveStitch

Zoo Animal Mobile by DropsofColorshop

baby booties by MyBabyandCompany

Ok this has nothing to do with babies--

Hand painted plate by JimBobart
But it is AWESOME.


Sunsets and solo cups

chipmunk cheeks

Last week we went on a sunset cruise of Casco Bay for the first time ever. The boat goes around to several of the local Islands- mostly the ones pretty far out. I have only been as far as Peaks, so this was pretty cool. The homes on these islands are insane! The views! I want.

The best part is you are allowed to bring food + a bevy of your choice on the boat! We loaded up with some cheese, crackers and wine and were good to go. Oh and hummus. I stepped in the hummus though, so we didn't get to really enjoy that.

We are pretty classy individuals- wine in solo cups. We also might have sang a few sea fairing songs-- pirate songs? I don't know- I got pretty stuck with rhyming the word anchor. I think I might have sang "sank 'er" - which Jeff informed me I shouldn't be singing out loud since "sank" isn't really a word you should be shouting on a boat.

It was a unexpectedly fun night + time. I recommend it. Ahoy! 

Yep, the Seahag.


Take what you get

I haven't really been honest here. Sometimes I think about who reads my blog, especially since I've attached the link to my twitter account (where I am sure that certain people who I do not care frequent...), and I censor my words because I don't want people take my words and use them against me in some weird way.

But- I don't care about that anymore. So, that said, it has been really really hard being unemployed. Scary. Makes me feel like a loser. Honestly, when I worked at the state house and was laid off because of the change in party majority, I never ever thought it would take this long to find a job. I mean, I have my freakin' law degree.  But every job I apply for- every job I don't get- makes me sort of HATE my law degree. Do you know how many times I've heard "over qualified"? People assume that because you go to law school, that you must want to be a practicing attorney and work in a huge firm making the big bucks. That assumption sucks because that is the very opposite reason I went to law school.

Ahhh well enough bitching. The point of this post is that, with all of the challenges, with all of the days where I wonder if it will ever end, there are still wonderful moments. I still am so blessed. Yes, I may need to stop wallowing and remind myself of that from time to time, and sometimes it is hard to see- but I know I am lucky. How many unemployed 29 year olds are lucky enough to have a stable loving relationship? Loving and supportive friends? Family that is ALWAYS there.

Yeah, life is pretty good regardless. I know it will get better.  

One step at a time.


I have more awkward than awesome

and it isn't Thursday, I know.  But seriously, as of late I am SO freakin' awkward all the time. I had to stop doing "awkward + awesome" because it made me feel silly every time I realized how little "awesome" I had for the week.

Um yes. Today's awkward moment takes the cake over anything else that has happened this past week. Er, month....well, maybe EVER.

Dear man running the Back Bay,

I apologize for what took place as we passed each other on the trail. It really wasn't your fault. You see, I'm training for a half marathon and slightly new to the social running world (Yes, I know I ran XC in high school- but, that was years ago...) and do not know all the runner rules. So, earlier today- I was on my 6th mile, hungry, tired, and thinking about what I was going to eat for breakfast- I really wasn't paying proper attention to anything or anyone else around me. Thus, when we passed each other on the narrow trail and you lifted your hand to simply wave at me (as I'm learning runners do to each other as they pass, much like motorcycle drivers or people that drive Jeeps), the closeness of our passing combined with my lack of attention, lead me to believe you wanted me to give you a high five. 

I apologize for really really startling you when I slapped your hand. I don't usually give strangers high fives. In fact, I don't usually give ANYONE high fives. Thanks though, for just continuing your run and not calling me a moron or dwelling in the moment of my pure embarrassment. I hope you had a fantastic run- no thanks to our "special" moment.

Hope I never see you again!


And now if you excuse me, I'm off to move across the country.


Etsy Monday

Oh hi. 
I didn't do Etsy Monday last week- mainly because Monday was a holiday and I completely forgot. Woops. By the way, I spell whoops like this --> woops. I think it is more fun to say, "WOO-PS". And I cannot spell for beans. 

Which brings me to another point, what does the saying "for beans" mean? I have no idea. Wait, is that even a saying or did I just make that up? Holy crow, I need to drink more coffee. 

Moving on, here are the items on Etsy that I have been lusting. Also I'd love to know what y'all are loving on etsy! 

Burlap hobo bag with leather accents by Iragrant

Gray blue linen maxi skirt by Sophiaclothing

Vintage ornate drawer pull by TheHobKnob

Porcelain measuring cups by Mudaliscious

Unearthed crown ring by Tinyarmour

Life is Good coffee filter banner by Lampada

5x7 Print "Buildings Oceans Over Vacant Fields" by Obsoleteworld


blog slacker = me

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Sooooo I'm a huge slacker lately and have no real excuses- however tomorrow is Etsy Monday and I'm sure that will kick me into blogging gear. I think part of my slacking is due to my day to day life as of late...more to come on that later. Anyway, promise- starting tomorrow, I'll be baaaaaack!

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!


cold + rainy + cozy

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First off, I love fall. It is my most favorite season (if I have lied in the past about other seasons, disregard that). I love when the leaves turn colors, when it is sunny + crisp outside, I love apple picking, drinking hot cider and wearing my knee high leather boots. I love making stuff in the crock pot, wearing warm scarves, layering my clothes, and the smell of the chilly air.  Sooooo the fact that it is now September and my favorite season is here, I am pretty excited.

print by SabrinaTubbs on Etsy

Today was chilly, rainy and windy. I fit in my scheduled run during a slight lull in the rain and have since been under a pile of blankets, wearing a soft sweatshirt with my laptop, books and hot tea. Job hunting is slightly more enjoyable when I am super happy with where I am and what is surrounding me.
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There are so many fun fall things coming up: The Common Ground Fair, our first Book Club meeting, the Damariscotta Pumpkinfest & Regatta (they RACE pumpkin boats!), my first ever half marathon, a weekend in NH with friends to hike Mt. Monadnock, Halloween....jeeeeeez I can't wait for all this stuff + to share it with y'all.

I wish my least favorite season didn't follow my most favorite...


happy is this

My Labor Day weekend was filled with good friends, sweet tea vodka, mosquitoes, laughs, corn hole, mud golf, new friends, cupcakes, sand, sun, saltwater...basically I had an amazing weekend.  Did you?  I needed this weekend. It was amazing and good for the soul. It is pretty nice to start my week off with a happy heart.

naps for all!


view from our room

Mike + his friend

I made a friend. He weighs 168lbs.

red velvet