when life hands you a rainy day, make lemon cookies!

The past few days it has been a little bit drizzly and cool- sometimes after a weekend of sun, I am okay with that. Perfect excuse, if you ask me, to cuddle up on the couch with a cup of tea and warm lemon cookies. It may be safe to say that I have a slight lemon obsession. I love the taste of anything lemon- it gives such a fresh taste to anything and tones down overly sweet dishes. Plus, yellow is my favorite color. And nothing offsets a rainy day quite like some bright yellow fruit and the smell of baking cookies.

I used this recipe- tried to restrain myself from eating all of the raw dough- and came up with a delish batch of cookies that I guarantee won't last longer than a few days. I'll have to whip up another bunch for the weekend when Alivia and Emily come visit!

Excuse me, I'm off to eat some cookies for lunch...

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Kiersten said...

These look and sound delicious!! I am also painfully obsessed with lemons - to the point where I will eat a lemon by itself. Definitely want to try this recipe before I head back to school!!
Thanks :)
<3 Kiersten