um, what was I going to say again?

Funny things happened today that deserve to be told in an entertaining and appropriate way.  I, however, am exhausted and simply have zero energy to do so.

Cliff's notes version of my day:

1.  I babysat today for 3 adorable children, ages 6, 5 and recently 3.  Today was the first time I ever sat for these kiddos, so I didn't know what to expect.
2.  I was there for 8 hours.
3.  They also have a 7 month old goldendoodle puppy named Sammy.
4.  By 11:30, I had already encountered a bloody nose and split lip. There was blood everywhere. It pretty much looked like I had murdered the kids.
5.  There was an argument that lasted 10 minutes, that ended in tears and pinching, over one kiddo's towel touching the others towel. That is very very frowned upon.
6.  There is a private beach at the end of their street. Beach is a loose term since there was maybe 2 ft of sand and the rest was covered in seaweed- gross gross fly infested seaweed.
7.  We decided to go to the beach- and after 45 minutes of wrestling kids into swimsuits, slathering sunscreen, finding crocs, towels and boogie boards, we were there.
8.  10 minutes later, the littlest one decides he has to go to the bathroom. Well, we were the only ones there, he is 3, and thinking he just had to pee, I told him to go ahead and pee.
9.  He proceeded to take a monster crap. Right there. On the beach. 
10. WTF?
11.  I couldn't help but laugh. I then proceeded to covered said crap with a pile of seaweed and then repeatedly dunk the child in the freezing ocean to rinse his bum free of poo.
12.  Um....I didn't tell the parents. 
13.  Am I a bad babysitter?
14. I have no idea why I am writing in list form, either. But see, I am tired! 
15.  I'm also babysitting these goofballs again tomorrow- here is hoping that it is poo free. I'll report back with new stories later. I really should write a book about my babysitting/nannying experiences- they put "Nanny Diaries" to shame.

ps: I'm so so so tired right now- I'm going to gather some energy for chocolate chip cookie eating and then drag my self to bed.


Emily said...

oh, you make me laugh so hard! (you are not a bad babysitter - you are the best babysitter.)

Mel said...

Oh my, I laughed out loud for real. Thank you, I have a long night of homework ahead of me and I needed that.

Hope your second day was better than this one!